It’s that time of year again, when you gather all the cash you should have spent buying other people gifts and blow it all on discount games on Steam. This year’s haul is pretty great too, with up to 80% off on gaming bundles and the top names in VR gaming.

Update (01/03/2018): Check out the recently published Best Selling VR Games on Steam to see what everyone else is buying.

Original article (12/22/17): We’ve highlighted a few notable games in the massive list of titles on discount this season. Make sure to check out the full list of Top Sellers here.

Steam’s Winter Sale officially lasts until January 4th, 7 PM CET (your local time).

Games (15% – 80% off)

Arizona Sunshine $25 $40 35%
Audioshield $10 $20 50%
Cosmic Trip $10 $20 50%
DiRT Rally $12 $60 80%
Eagle Flight $20 $40 50%
Elite Dangerous $7.50 $30 75%
FORM $10 $15 33%
Headmaster $9 $20 55%
Hover Junkers $14 $35 60%
I Expect You To Die $12.50 $25 50%
Killing Floor: Incursion $20 $40 50%
Obduction $15 $30 50%
Onward $15 $25 40%
Pavlov VR $6 $10 40%
Project CARS 2 $35 $60 40%
Raw Data $32 $40 20%
Robinson: The Journey $20 $40 50%
Sairento VR $25.50 $30 15%
Smashbox Arena $5 $20 75%
Space Pirate Trainer $9 $15 40%
Sparc $10 $20 50%
Star Trek: Bridge Crew $25 $50 50%
Subnautica $20 $25 20%
SUPERHOT VR $18.74 $25 25%
The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed $5 $20 75%
The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone $24 $30 20%
The Talos Principle VR $20 $40 50%
The Wizards $14 $20 30%
Tilt Brush $10 $20 50%
Ultrawings $12.50 $25 50%
Universe Sandbox ² $16.74 $25 33%
Vanishing Realms $14 $20 30%
'BONELAB', Successor to the Popular 'BONEWORKS', Announced for Quest 2 & PC VR


  • The Gallery BundleThe Gallery: Call of the Starseed and Heart of the Emberstone ($26.08, normally $50
  • CROTEAM VR Bundle  – Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, The Talos Principle VR, Serious Same: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE ($50, normally $200)
  • TRIPLE KILL VR BundleSairento VR, Eternity Warriors VR, ZomDay ($36.45, normally $55)

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  • Suitch

    Why no article for the Oculus Winter Sale which has been going now for almost a week and has different games and even deeper discounts?

    • Simon Vermette

      Because the HTC Vive is better.

      • Suitch

        You can lie to yourself, but it is better in exactly zero meaningful ways. I have both.

        • Simon Vermette

          I’m just trolling you. I thought it was obvious.

          • Suitch

            It is the internet: I assume everyone is trolling then I blend in by trolling. Master plan.

          • Simon Vermette

            Daah you got me !

          • Suitch

            See, no one can really lose if no one can really win.

          • Edward Morgan

            Mutually Assured Trolling. Clever.

          • Konchu

            On a different but along the same lines I was sad Steam doesnt do the daily or flash sales. Value wise the Oculus sale was a bit better this time on some titles like I expect you to die for 5 bucks compared to 12 on steam. Probably others too I still prefer to own on steam for more universal non hacky support for my vive/future headsets.

        • David D. Taylor

          You’re guy’s comment thread just made my day… well done! Best online performance ever! lol

          • ummm…

            its awful dont lie to them.

        • ummm…

          i have both plus windows and psvr. vive is the best.

          • Jack Liddon

            A Vive with Rift controllers and the Samsung Odyssey’s displays…now that would be a nice VR setup.

          • ummm…

            I like the give, but those rift controllers are pretty sweet.

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