OK, so perhaps not the most revolutionary of updates, but certainly a fun feature addition to the latest SteamVR build is the ability to customise the look of your SteamVR controllers and, should the mood strike you, your base stations too.

The SteamVR development team are constantly iterating and releasing updates to Valve’s VR platform, but the latest beta client feature lets it’s users add a splash of personality to their chosen virtual reality.

You can now design, fabricate, upload and apply custom skins for the virtual incarnations of both your SteamVR controllers and your Base Stations, and the community has already started to churn out some fetching designs. Predictably led by a charge of Portal inspired Aperture Science skins.

And should you be tired of gazing upon the dull, grey cubes lurking in the corner of your virtual play space, why not transform them into mini, Portal inspired security cameras?


You can grab these and others from the Steam Workshop, the content portal’s platform for user-created mods and content. In the mean time, check out a few of our other favourites below.

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  • Black Pirate

    Can you do that to my Joystics, keyboards and my mouse? Any 3rd party stickers I can add for HTC vive see my peripherals?

    • Basic

      Not unless you want to dot them in IR sensors, embed some circuit boards to handle the tracking and extend the SteamVR library so it knows how the sensors are placed physically on the device…

  • Nack

    Does this apply with Oculus controllers and sensors?