Action Roguelite ‘Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game’ to Release on Quest 2 This Month


Fast Travel Games unveiled late last year a VR game set in the universe of critically acclaimed PC title Stellaris (2016): Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game. The single player action roguelite is now slated to arrive on Meta Quest 2 this month.

Update (March 10th, 2023): Fast Travel Games announced via Twitter that Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is coming exclusively to Quest 2 on March 23rd. You can pre-order the game now on the Meta Quest Store, giving you a 10% discount off the game’s usual $20 price.

The original article announcing Ghost Signal follows below. We’ve also included the most up-to-date trailer, which explains how the developer are integrating hand-tracking into the game.

Original Article (September 22nd, 2022): Like the PC game from Paradox Interactive, Ghost Signal lets you captain your own spaceship and explore the universe, this time in search of the enigmatic Ghost Signal.

It’s fundamentally a single player game, although while you scan exotic creatures for your logbook and conduct research in multiple tech trees, you can also scavenge other players’ deserted ships for valuables, giving it a sort of eerie asynchronous multiplayer element.

Fast Travel Games—also known for VR titles Apex Construct, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, and Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife—says the game will also let you meet mysterious aliens, encounter planet-sized creatures and engage in dynamic space battles.

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“For years Stellaris has captivated players with its vast and wondrous universe,” said Christopher Smith, Lead Game Designer at Fast Travel Games. “Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game takes that universe and brings it closer like never before while giving players a completely new way of experiencing it. Both fans and newcomers are sure to discover something special among the stars in this virtual reality roguelite take.”

The game is said to include:

  • Roguelite gameplay where no journey is in vain
  • Alien species to battle or befriend
  • Heavy artillery to fend off monstrous creatures or defeat enemy armadas
  • Powerful upgrades such as freeze rays, atomic missiles, and dragon companions
  • Randomized maps, daily challenges, and leaderboards

Like Guardians Frontline, an upcoming strategic VR shooter announced Fast Travel and VirtualAge Games, there’s no definite launch date yet beyond the stated ‘early 2023’ window. That however matches the expected release of PSVR 2, so it’s possible the veteran VR studio is looking also support Sony’s next-gen VR headset too.

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    Taking PC IPs and putting them on mobile is weird. This doesn’t sound like stellaris at all, just a skin of a grand strategy game’s art design on a generic rougelike. I like stellaris but don’t have much interest in playing this. Both paradox and fast travel need to rethink their strategy here. Paradox is a PC company not known for their immersive stories, they should be thinking about how strategy and grand strategy can work on PC. There are multiple first person city builders coming out on steam. There are war games played in first person with limited information. And fast travel should make better games and then get more compatible IPs to use with them.

    • David Wallin

      Check out Eternal Starlight.

    • shadow9d9

      They put it in VR, and the only real audience of size on VR is Quest 2.

      Hint: No one refers to the Switch as “mobile.”

  • Tommy

    Meh. not to my liking. I hope others enjoy it though

  • Seems not to be my genre, but the music in the trailer is amazing

  • 3872Orcs

    Huge fan of Stellaris and the 4x genre and I don’t know what to think about this. I probably would have played it if I could, but I probably never will if it remains Meta exclusive :(

    Also what I really want is for developers to try and make the 4x genre available for VR, though I suspect we need quite a tech improvement in VR for that to make more sense; like eye tracking or BCI for greater accuracy and control, also we would need more comfortable headsets to be able to stay longer in VR. Sigh… for now my favorite genre outside VR remains a dream.

    • MeowMix

      it’s not a 4x strategy game, FTG describes the game as a VR action roguelite.

  • Nick

    It looks terrible but I’m sure some people will like it – personally I’d rather be part of the world than some God like figure playing with toys..

  • BananaBreadBoy

    A VR spin off…of Stellaris? I love the game, but doing a single player story campaign of a 4X game seems a bit random.