‘Street Fighter VR’ Debuts at Japanese Arcades, Delivering Brawls with Ryu, Zangief & More


If you’re in Japan right now, you could be the first to play the new, officially licensed Street Fighter VR arcade experience, which pits you against some of the universe’s most iconic warriors.

Capcom released a trailer this week for the single-player arcade game, called Street Fighter VR Shadaloo Enhancement Plan (ストリートファイターVR シャドルー強化計画). It isn’t just a brand engagement vehicle that’s flavored like Street Fighter; hands-on reports suggest it’s actually a pretty solid basis for what might be an honest-to-goodness VR game one day if Capcom really wanted to put the effort in.

According to a hands-on by GAME Watch (Japanese language), Street Fighter VR recruits you as a junior soldier of the evil secret society ‘Shadaloo’, led by M Bison. Matched up against the warriors of Street Fighter V, you battle up the ranks to become the strongest.

The game, which plays on HTC Vive Pro 2, is said to first offer a basic training mode stage which was ostensibly ported directly from Street Fighter V. Although the number of attacks you can do are limited to punches and fist-focused moves like Hadouken and Shoryuken, the rules of the VR game are the same as the original, GAME Watch reports.

Opponents include Ryu, Zangief and M Bison (known as ‘Vega’ in Japan), although another opponent was seen in Capcom’s official art, including what appears to be the shadowy silhouette of Blanka at the end of the trailer. So maybe more yet to come? As it is, if you don’t win a single match, there are actually eight different endings depending on what you play—sounds like a fair amount of replayability.

“To be honest, before playing it, I thought it was just a VR game with a Street Fighter motif,” Hiroyuki Endo of GAME Watch writes, “but when I actually touched it, there were fighting game elements everywhere, and I was surprised that I was able to enjoy a full-fledged Street Fighter in a VR game from a first-person perspective.”

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Street Fighter VR kicked off on February 17th at the Plaza Capcom Store in Hiroshima, Japan, priced at ¥1,200 (~$9 USD) per gameplay session. It’s also set to expand on April 17th to Miraino Aeon Mall in Toyokawa, Japan.

There’s really no indication whether we’ll see a release outside of Japan, although we’ve seen similar projects make it across thanks to sustained popular demand, such as the once Japan-only Mario Kart VR racer—so it doesn’t seem too farfetched if Street Fighter fans are vocal enough.

Note: We’ve corrected the name ‘Shadroo’ to ‘Shadaloo’. Thanks go to our reader ‘IIDX’!

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  • Sadly developers somehow must force a firstperson view on anything.
    Why not make this a damn beautiful 3D diorama?!
    It would be perfect for this!

    • ApocalypseShadow

      This would be cool

    • J.C.

      Diorama games are so under appreciated. The “Moss” games are a fantastic example of how incredibly engaging they can be.

      • Yes and so is Hellblade: Senua‘s Sacrifice in 3rd person view.

    • Arno van Wingerde

      They could, but then again: the whole point of VR is being there, doing the fighting yourself rather then control a muppet via the keyboard.

      • What keyboard are you using for VR….? And I absolutely disagree that „the whole point of VR is beeing there“.
        Is it not immersive to watch Quill run through a castle in beautiful miniaturization in front of the alomst haptic 3D Diaroma?

    • marc scott

      Screw that – life sized!

      Stumped there is still no life-sized VR fighting app, where you’re actually in stage/arena or crowd. Multiplayer with other combatants/spectators. Can imagine NPC security policing crowd in streetfight type settings, preventing interference.

      Maybe persistent global ‘combat world’ filled by various gyms/arenas/squares. Betting, virtual trophies, items, prizes.

    • Andross

      @HoSpanky:disqus @disqus_RyaOt3Id7q:disqus

      this, totally. and as JC said, Moss, is a perfect example of how spectacular and immersive a “god position” can be. diorama mode is good as much as the first person, just a different way of playing.

    • D-_-RAiL

      Yes, not every VR game needs hands and needs to be first person. We had a lot of great VR games when the Oculus Rift first released that were 3rd person. Hopefully Sony takes some steps in dev kits to help inject VR into just regular games during development. That would really help PSVR2 take off.

  • The Thin White Duke

    Don’t give af about some stupid vr acades news

  • 3872Orcs

    They should release this as a game on all the major platforms, especially PSVR2 as that is the major Japanese VR product.

  • Tommy

    Can’t say I agree with the decision to put it in 1st person. A hovering view above both characters would have been more appealing. The game is WAY to fast to try to emulate the movements in real life.
    How are you supposed to kick like Chun-Li?

  • Ballsy VR

    That isn’t Blanka in the shadows at the end, it’s Akuma.

  • Rome

    Looks sensual. Looking forward to Dhalsim’s feet I’m VR.

  • IIDX

    It’s not “Shadroo”, but Shadaloo (Shadoruu).

  • Looks cool

  • Mike EY

    So do people walk in to the arcade jacked up with a headband and go hardcore, or walk in meek and love tap the highlighted spots…

  • NL_VR

    Its Capcom experimenting with VR.
    They pretty much solved Resident Evil so every Resident Evil from now on will be playable in VR. Except maybe 3rd person games, those we have to rely to the modders to fix on PCVR.
    So this is just they experimenting with Steet Fighter and VR. This isnt something i think will be released as a game that will sell to PS5 because it looks more like an “experience”, but maybe another Street Fighter VR game in the future.
    They clearly want to use their existing IP for VR than make new ones which is positive because they are well known.


      Re4 remake is third person and on the way to psvr2

      • NL_VR

        Re4 remake VR is first person

  • Travis Williams

    That’s Akuma at the very end, not Blanka

  • david vincent

    The same issue as with VR climbing games: how do you make a fighting game without feet tracking ?

  • It’s just a simplistic, simon-says, air punching game. It’s nothing at all like the nuanced fighting game people have grown up on.

    They should do a “Proper” VR mode, where you use the normal joystick controls to operate your fighter from either an audience, or an towering “dollhouse” like view. That’s a simple addition, dead easy to program, and won’t interfere with gameplay at all. They could add it to the regular game without any fuss.

  • Cless

    Oh man, that looks like fun. I might take the trip down to Hiroshima one afternoon and play it! :D

  • Marc-André Désilets

    Ok I want to do a Hadoken in 1st person view, hope it detect your voice at the same time to add some vfx if you’r yelling “HAAAAAADOOOOOKENNNNN!!!!”

  • Nac

    It looks like Akuma at the end and I’ll bet he’s a secret boss here too. Probably if you got a high score and/or if you beat all your opponents without losing once.