STRIDE, the high-flying VR action game inspired by Mirror’s Edge, is getting its much anticipated story mode later this year. Now developer Joy Way has released the story mode’s first teaser.

Joy Way threw out three tweets late last week showing off some of the story mode gameplay coming to Stride, which is currently available in Early Access on SteamVR headsets via Steam and Viveport, and Oculus PC headsets via the Oculus Store.

And it appears we’re in for some serious close-quarters combat. Here’s the three gifs released by Joy Way:

The studio says more info detailing the story mode will arrive in the coming months.

The game is also slated to arrive on PSVR in “early 2021” and at some point on Oculus Quest, so we’re hoping to hear more about those respective launch dates soon. Check out the PSVR announcement trailer below:


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  • The GIFs look very cool!

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  • Jonathan Winters III

    Anyone here try Stride? Looks intriguing.

  • johann jensson

    I find this a good strategy: develop proper game mechanics first and do the most important part (story) last, when the foundation is done.

    I hope it has at least 8 hours, so i can put it on my watch-list.