Super Puzzle Galaxy (2018), a physics-based puzzle game from Vive Studios and 2Bears Studio, has just existed its seven-month stint in Early Access. To boot, the studios have also launched the game’s second DLC pack today, dubbed ‘Warp Ball’, which adds 24 new levels and two new obstacle types.

Super Puzzle Galaxy is a physics sandbox based in outer space that lets you sculpt sand across 16 challenge levels (base game) in effort to get the ball to the goal.

Image courtesy Vive Studios, 2 Bear Studio

Players use the new Warp Ball ability to solve 16 more additional puzzles. A new ice trap and rotating obstacles are available in Create Mode. You’ll also be able to use the Warp Ball ability to solve the eight challenge levels and see if you can collect all galaxy gems—making for 56 levels with both the base game and Warp Ball DLC.

The game is available on Steam and Viveport. Priced at $2 extra, the Warp Ball DLC is offered separately from the base game on Steam, and as an in-app purchase on Viveport.

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