‘Synth Riders’ & ‘OhShape’ to Release Caravan Palace Collaborative Music Pack on July 9th


The studios behind VR rhythm games Synth Riders (2018) and OhShape (2019) today announced they’re releasing another collaborative music pack which will bring to both games the jazzy beat of French electronic band Caravan Palace. The joint music pack is slated to arrive on July 9th.

Developers Kluge Interactive and Odders Lab are again bringing a collaborative paid DLC release to their respective VR games, which is set to include five songs from Caravan Palace. Last year the studios co-released a few tracks, including ‘Carry On’ by F.O.O.L., and ‘Delight’ by Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose.

Image courtesy Odders Lab, Kluge Interactive

The studios say the music pack aims to appeal to same fans who enjoyed “Electro Swing Essentials” in Synth Riders and all the swingy songs in OhShape. Check out the full track list below:

  • Caravan Palace – “Lone Digger”
  • Caravan Palace – “Wonderland”
  • Caravan Palace – “Miracle”
  • Caravan Palace – “Rock It For Me”
  • Caravan Palace – “Tattoos”
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The Caravan Palace music pack is set to arrive on Synth Riders with what Kluge Interactive calls “a unique audiovisual experience” for the track Wonderland, which is said to take the players for “a hypnotizing trip full of dance, mystery, and colorful mushrooms.”

OhShape is also getting a new stage inspired by the signature visuals of the Caravan Palace band, Odders Lab says. You can catch a glimpse of the level in this article’s title image above.

In honor of the Caravan Palace music pack, the studios teamed up with mixed reality software creators LIV to organize a mixed reality contest among its users. More info on the contest is said to come at launch.

The Caravan Palace Music Pack is coming to both games on July 9th, which includes both Steam and Oculus Quest versions. Songs are priced at $2 per song or $8 for the whole bundle. In case you’ve never heard the jazzy-electro mashup, check out one of their most popular songs Lone Digger.

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