Tactical VR Shooter ‘Zero Killed’ to Arrive on Vive & Rift This Month, Gameplay Trailer Here


Hot on the heels of PSVR’s hit tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour comes a new tactical VR shooter that’s inspired by Rainbow Six Siege (2015) and the Counter-Strike franchise. Dubbed Zero Killed, the Warsaw-based VR/AR studio Ignibit today announced the four vs. four team shooter is slated to release on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift September 26th, and that a PSVR version will soon follow.

Zero Killed, Ignibit says, focuses heavily on team cooperation and communication. Players will be able to choose between 10 different characters which span several classes, including tank, demolitions expert, and tech expert—all of whom come with their own weapons loadout, unique gadget, and individual perk.

Image courtesy Ignibit

The studio touts “realistic weapons behavior,” which feature recoil, environmental damage mechanics, and obstacle penetration. While there’s still no word on whether weapons will be upgradable, Ignibit maintains both holographic and laser sights will be available for primary weapons. Secondary weapons include grenades, mines, a sonar device, explosives, deployable shields, and the ability to ‘tag’ enemies to make them more visible to teammates.

Image courtesy Ignibit

Zero Killed is said to arrive with four game modes including Data Steal, Domination, Hunt, and Tournament, which will play out across three locations: ‘Nuclear’, ‘Suburbs’, and ‘Sewers’.

Locomotion options at this point aren’t entirely clear, although the studio says teleportation will not be an option, and will include sprinting, climbing, and sliding down ladders.

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Check out Zero Killed on Steam (Rift, Vive).

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    this trailer would be much more effective without the terrible voice acting and I might be much less likely to cringe all the way through it.

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      What I don’t get is that more hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on developing the game. $2.50 spent on the voice acting for the promotional video. The cash return comes from the hype to buy it. How can they not realise that?

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