‘Takelings House Party’ is a Whimsical VR Party Game of Hide-and-seek, Trailer Here


Indie studio DimnHouse has implemented an interesting twist on hide-and-seek that pits a single VR player against a gaggle of pint-sized mobile users trying their best to escape the VR giant’s murderous wrath.

The objective: mobile users take control of little creatures called ‘Takelings’ that scurry about the suburban home and try to hide from the giant VR user simply named ‘Hal’.

DimnHouse says on the game’s Steam page that the party can progress through the house, which contains five rooms and consequently five different mini-games.

Image courtesy DimnHouse

Couch-bound players watch the main screen and control their Takelings via a WiFi-connected smartphone and/or joysticks.

Takelings is slated to release on on July 25th via Steam (Index, Rift, Vive), the Oculus Store (Rift), and Viveport (Index, Rift, Vive).

DimnHouse is a small LA-based team that formed in 2017 with the expressed mission of creating the VR party game. The studio says they hope to brings Takelings to other platforms “soon.”

Check out the trailer below:

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  • Edawg

    That looks like a fun party game.

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