Tetris Effect (2018), the VR-compatible reinvention of the iconic ’80s stacker puzzle, is getting a host of fresh features soon that will bring some new online multiplayer modes, and cross-play to all supported platforms.

The so-called ‘Connected Summer 2021’ expansion is said to hit PSVR, SteamVR headsets and Oculus Quest sometime in late July. A free beta of the expansion is releasing June 23rd to July 5th for players on PlayStation and Epic Games. Oculus Quest and Steam access is by invite only.

The new cross-play function will allow you to create private rooms with a four-digit alphanumeric code so you can directly connect with friends across all supported platforms. Private matches will also include a spectator mode, which allows four to six spectators to watch and emote in real time. Provided you don’t opt out, ranked matches will also include all players of the game.

Here’s a rundown of each new multiplayer mode coming to Tetris Effect:

  • Connected – Form a three-player team to try and defeat A.I.-controlled Bosses (or player-controlled Bosses, during the Full Moon 24-hour event every weekend)—connect your Matrices as you all enter the Zone and clear Lines together to deal massive damage.
  • Zone Battle – A one-on-one competition played with standard Tetris Effect settings, with the key to victory being adept use of the time-stopping Zone mechanic. This mode is a great way to test out the skills you’ve built up in single-player.
  • Score Attack – Another one-on-one competition played with standard Tetris Effect settings, only here no Line Attacks are exchanged. If your score is higher than your opponent’s when both games end, you win. Think of it as “single-player competitive Tetris.”
  • Classic Score Attack – A one-on-one score attack competition played using old-school Tetris settings, so no Hard Drops, no ability to Hold a Tetrimino, only one Tetrimino shown in the Next Queue, Tetriminos spin a bit differently—they Lock Down immediately when they touch a surface, etc. This unforgiving version of Tetris is what’s used for pro competitions such as the annual Classic Tetris World Championship.

Some other new features include ‘PAL Speed’, which recreates the game’s 8-bit European version, and ‘Slow Speed’, which basically ups the difficulty by making Tetrimino movements slower.

Catch the full explainer video from developers Enhance Experience below:

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  • dextrovix

    Well this is unexpected after all this time- I still play casually and obviously with VR it looks great, so I’m happy to spend more time playing against others directly!