the gallery six elements kickstarter razer hydra stretch goalJust a quick note of congratulations to the folks of CloudHead Games who just had their Kickstarter campaign for The Gallery: Six Elements fully funded. The game, which is influenced by the Myst series, brings ground-up support for the Oculus Rift. The Razer Hydra will hopefully be fully integrated into the game as well, but the funding level is still $5k short of the stretch goal that will enable it.

So far the developers have shown some cool demos of the Hydra being used in the game to enable interesting gameplay like tagging walls with spray paint:

With three days left, you can still secure a copy of the game starting at the $25 tier, with higher tiers offering earlier beta access. Contributing also brings the developers closer to the $70,000 stretch goal for Razer Hydra support.

The Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra Are a Winning Combo

When I tried out the Oculus Rift ‘Tuscany’ demo with Razer Hydra support a few weeks ago, I was blown away. The combination of the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra for natural input is worlds beyond what a controller or mouse and keyboard can provide — your hands are IN the game. But that’s just a tech demo.

The end of my hands-on article reads, “the demo is absolutely the most fun I’ve had yet with virtual reality. Soon, game developers will be wrapping these new natural interactions in compelling narratives and enticing gameplay and I can’t wait to step into those experiences. This is an extremely exciting time to be a gamer!”

If it hits the Hydra $70,000 stretch goal, the Gallery could be the first game to do just that — create a natural and immersive narrative experience that you can’t get from a computer screen and mouse/keyboard input.

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Without your help, the game won’t make it to the Hydra stretch goal! Contributing to the Kickstarter is not a donation — you get the game for $25 and help it make a possibility for everybody at the same time! We’ve backed it and think you should consider doing the same!

We recently spoke with Denny Unger, creative director of the Gallery, to learn more about the vision of the game. It’s well worth a read if you have any question as to whether or not these guys know what they’re doing.

Below is a live-updating widget of the Kickstarter, keep your eye out for that $70k goal!

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  • eyeandeye

    I look away for one second and the game gets fully funded. Super excited. I’d have loved to see all the other stretch goals happen as well. Hydra support is a must from what I’ve read and seen. I imagine they’ll come out with an expansion down the road that has those stretch goals.

    • Dominic Eskofier

      Yeah, let’s hope that we’ll get The Gallery: Seven Elements very soon! It looks like the game went under the radar of lots of gamers, but I know that there’s a huge crowd that wants to play exploration games like Myst or Riven – and The Gallery looks like it will satisfy that craving.