One of Google’s most iconic, if perhaps elusive projects – Google Glass, has received an update. This is the new, foldable, Google Glass, designed for the workplace.

Images unveiled by 9to5Google, after surfacing recently in FCC filings by Google, illustrate the next iteration of Google’s now somewhat dated Glass headgear.

Two major differences are apparently making their way to the updated Google Glass. Firstly, the ‘smart’ body section now hinges towards the front of the unit, allowing the unit to be folded, more in line with traditional glasses. Secondly, according to the Wall Street Journal, the head-up display ‘prism’ is now larger, encompassing more of your view and perhaps allowing for more data to be displayed. 5Ghz Wifi, larger battery and faster Intel processor are all apparently on the cards too.

This latest ‘Enterprise’ model is set to ship to select partners engaged in Google’s Glass for Work program. According to 9to5Google, to be used with custom built software – tailored to the company’s needs. Apparently waterproofing and better durability is a focus too with the workplace setting in mind.

One note; none of this is as yet official, but the FCC filings certainly are, and the images seem genuine. We’ll let you know when we learn more.

  • wheeler

    Does Google really expect these to become commercially successful when they make you look like a borg? Just make regular glasses with a hidden HUD.

    • user

      you might wanna read the article more precisely.

    • Ian Shook

      That won’t matter when everybody else has a Rift, Vive, or GearVR on their face.

    • OgreTactics

      Agree with you, it’s still an unwearable (and rather limited in terms or AR visual feedback) pair of glass for most people. I only saw one person with it in Paris, and people just insulted him although they knew very well what it was.