Thumper (2016), a totally unique rhythm game and verifiable indie gem, has launched on Oculus Go. As far as mobile VR is concerned, Thumper is a pretty big deal to see ported to the headset, and will likely set the stage of more ports to come as the launch of Santa Cruz, Oculus’ high-end mobile VR headset, draws nearer.

Update (September 6th, 2018): Thumper is now available on Oculus Go. It’s the complete game, and uses a combination of the Go controller’s trigger and trackpad for input. You’ll want to use external headphones to experience the game at its most immersive, as Go’s built in audio can’t quite capture the game’s rich soundscape.

Original Article (September 5th, 2018): Thumper launched back in October 2016 on both PS4 and PC, but its VR version was exclusive to PSVR at the time. A few months later, the VR version also came to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on PC.

And now the unique ‘rhythm violence’ game is getting ported to Oculus Go, according to a tweet from the game’s developer, due to launch tomorrow, September 6th, priced at $10. Developer Drool tells Road to VR that it currently has no plans for bring the game to Gear VR.

The game’s PC & console trailer gives a taste of the action:

Rather than a score-fest like most rhythm games, Thumper is, at its most basic, about survival—you’ll need steady timing and quick reactions to stay alive as you screech around sharp turns and battle mini-bosses. Although Thumper plays identically in VR as it does on flat screens, its superb visual and audio design are underscored by VR’s immersiveness, making it easy to achieve deep focus and a satisfying flow state as you race down the track. We gave the game an 8.5 out of 10 in our review on PSVR:

‘Thumper’ Review – Summary

Thumper is a fun and visually aggressive, face paced rhythm survival game. As a space scarab you’ll enjoy banking and weaving your way through hours of increasingly intense levels. It doesn’t make use of any mechanics that are unique to VR and plays identically on the screen as it does on the headset, however the novelty of being in VR enables a more focused experience and heightens the game’s purposeful intensity.

Gameplay: 9/10 | Immersion: 7/10 | Comfort: 7.5/10

It isn’t clear at this time whether or not the game will appear on Gear VR as well, nor do we know how much visual fidelity will need to be sacrificed to make the game run well on the Oculus Go’s mobile processor, but assuming the developers manage to achieve the headset’s usual 60Hz framerate, it should at least be a smooth ride.

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Another question up in the air is exactly how the controls will work. On PSVR, the game is played with a gamepad using sticks and buttons; Oculus Go’s controller lacks a thumbstick but has a trigger, trackpad, and some motion input capabilities, so controls will need to be reworked—hopefully in a way that doesn’t diminish any amount of precision from the original.

Though its received heaps of praise, Thumper isn’t a huge name as far as the traditional gaming world is concerned, but mobile VR ecosystems are not exactly filled with recognizable gaming IP, and so it feels significant that a respected PC VR title is getting a port to Oculus Go. It could be a sign of things to come, especially as Oculus’ high-end VR headset, Santa Cruz, is expected to launch early next year, and is likely to encourage even more ports from PC VR to the mobile VR space.

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  • jj

    This is a fun game that seamed pretty much too basic for pc gaming, but for mobile is PERFECT. Worth it for me to re buy it on my go where it can really thrive and be played in a whimsical manner, compared to pc rigs which take a little bit more commitment to hop in and play.

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    Good stuff. Definitely getting a copy :)

  • Raphael

    Never tried it… nearly did a few times.

    • JJ

      …useless comment, who cares if you nearly tried it? The world doesnt revolve around you raphael, stop shit posting

      • Raphael

        He’s right, It’s a useless comment. I must stop shit-posting, the world doesn’t revolve around me raphael.

        • SMHraphael

          Yeah, come on raphael. Get your head in the game.

          • Raphael

            My head is almost in the game although I worry i won’t be able to push the button at the correct time. Are you really me? I mean really the real me?

  • Josh Worthington

    To anyone on the fence: BUY IT.
    Simply put, my favourite game of 2017 (Switch release) – probably above Breath of the Wild.
    It is so incredibly unique, and it really makes you *feel* the game. So hard to describe.

    I’ve put 120 hours into it so far – many more to come. If you truly want to get good and climb the global leaderboard, you’ve gotta practice. It’s semi-hard to pick up, and brutal to master.
    It’s inherently easier if you possess some semblance of rhythm. Anyway, it’s a must buy.

  • Lucidfeuer

    “Immersion: 7/10” is this a joke? This is by far one of the most intensively immersive experience there is, how could this get a “7/10”?

    • JJ

      what would you give it because i’d only go up to maybe 8/10 because you are just kind of riding a track, using my whole body in a game like onward gets the 10/10 and i see this as a bit less immersive than that. just a comparison to me i guess

      • Lucidfeuer

        I’d give it a 9/10, because the immersive art direction and sound is actually very carefully and masterfully crafted. But yes you’re right, a little more usage of the body like having to lean to slide, would have been fun though stressful.

        • jj

          yupp i agree completely with that


    Its just as awesome, as on the bigger brothers and runs smooth as silk! ❤️

  • Raphael

    “All (1,748)
    Positive (1,622)
    Negative (126)”

    They must have done something right to get that ratio. I might wait until it’s on sale though as it’s a casual game and I ain’t exactly made of money.

    • gothicvillas

      This game is real good. I have it on Vive and psvr. Deffo worth a few notes.

      • Raphael

        So you bought it on two VR platforms! I will definitely give it a go.

  • Downvote King

    “Developer Drool tells Road to VR that it currently has no plans for bring the game to Gear VR”

    Why? Aren’t there far more Gear VR users? And isn’t the system nearly identical to Go? Strange, almost like a timed exclusive to drive users to Go…