‘Tilt Brush’ Brings the Rave to Your Living Room with New Music Visualizer Mode


Tilt Brush, the virtual reality paint application from Google, saw an update today that brought with it a whole new ‘audio reactive mode’—now making your trippy creations pulse to the beat of your own music collection.

To activate the function—providing you already own an HTC Vive and Tilt Brush—all you have to do is turn on the music through your desktop (from any source), press a button on the in-game panel, and get ready to throw a rave at 3PM on a Tuesday.

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Even though my creations are always pretty low effort, my newfound ability to make the world vibrate to the beat of my music definitely changed the way I designed things. I always play Tilt Brush with music in the background anyway, and use it as more of an emotional outlet than a design tool as such, but with digital paintbrushes like dancing waveforms and disco ball-textured extrusions at my finger tips, everything became a magnificent light and sound show.

In the gif below, I attempted to build a psychedelic car while listening to a number of music styles, but electronic music with a punchy baseline like the complication album Digital Disconnect seemed to elicit the best reaction.

Today’s update also includes 14 new brushes (about half of which are music reactive), a video capture function, and the ability to export textured FBX files.

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Google’s Tilt Brush, originally developed by indie studio Skillman & Hackett, first publicly demoed at GDC 2015. The app later became one of the Vive’s pre-order bundled games along with Owlchemy’s Job Simulator and Northway Games’ Fantastic Contraption. Tilt Brush currently sits an overall 98% positive review rate on Steam.

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