tipatatTipatat Chennavasin is a general partner at The VR Fund, which is an early stage VC fund focusing exclusively on virtual reality and augmented reality startups. One of the services that Tipatat does for the community is maintain a VR Industry Landscape infographic that creates a taxonomy for the different VR industry verticals. He also splits companies into three different tiers that shows where they fit in within the technology stack whether it’s a part of the underlying infrastructure, a tool or platform, or on the application layer with specific content. He also maintains a much more detailed Trello Board of the Virtual Reality Industry.

I had a chance to catch up with Tipatat at the Experiential Technology and Neurogaming Conference where we talked about the VR landscape, the current state of augmented reality, how he sees artificial intelligence and computer vision technology playing a role in VR, what’s happening with VR in China, and what he’s learned from doing a daily 3D painting in Tilt Brush.


Here’s a copy of The VR Fund’s 2016 VR Industry Landscape from June 2016 (version 1.6). Click through to The VR Fund’s site to see the full size version:

Here’s a link to one of Tipatat’s daily Tilt Brush paintings mentioned within the podacast that makes a political statement about what’s inside of Donald Trump’s head:

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