Don’t put it off another minute, because today is the last day to order a Samsung Gear VR to get it in time for Christmas.

Best Buy and Amazon are still in stock, and promise to deliver by the 24th—just in time so you can wrap it up and put it at the back of the tree and pretend you bought it much earlier like a responsible adult.

Buy Gear VR (Amazon) for Christmas

Buy Gear VR (Best Buy) for Christmas

But don’t forget that on top of the $99 Gear VR, you’ll also be needing any one of the platform’s compatible phones: Note 5, S6 edge+, S6, and S6 edge.

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And once you finally get that Gear VR in your hands (or wrench it from the hands of your loved ones) on Christmas Day, you’ll be able to rent movies and watch them in a private theater, play classic arcade games, talk to your friends in VR, watch Netflix, play 3D games designed especially for VR, watch 360 photos/video, browse the Internet, meditate in a Zen garden, visit space, and much much more.

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There’s so much to do, and with most of it already released for free on the Gear VR store, you don’t really have much excuses left not to buy one.

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    Unfortunately – I am returning my Gear VR. I loved the Innovator edition however this version has not only ruined my screen protector, it overall feels cheaper quality to me. My other pet peeve is that when I remove my phone – the focus is usually adjusted and then I have to fine tune again… this never occurred on the Innovator edition… oh well.