Bethesda’s VR version of Skyrim (2011) is nearly here, launching on PSVR Friday this week. If you’re itching to see more gameplay before pulling the trigger on the full-priced game, Bethesda is running a live stream starting Monday, November 13th at 12:30pm ET (your time here) so you can get another peek at what’s poised to be an instant fan favorite.

You’ve probably played the traditional console/PC version of Skyrim, seen gameplay videos, or at least swam through an Internet’s-worth of memes before getting here, so you basically know what you’re getting with Skyrim VR: a giant open world that offers an impressive number of missions. As with all things, the devil is invariably in the details though, and porting a game to VR and making it work isn’t as simple as supporting a VR headset and calling it a job well done. The user interface usually has to be reworked, object interaction needs to be natural, scaling needs to be appropriate to the size of your character (you notice it more in VR than on a monitor). All of those things and much more have to work flawlessly for a PC-to-VR port like Skyrim VR to be a success.

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If you won’t be able to see the livestream, there are a few recent previews from GameSpot, IGN, and Polygon worth watching to get a feel for what’s been changed to make the game more VR-native.

We’ll of course be bringing you our review too, so check back soon.

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  • Ombra Alberto

    wait for the PC version.

    • Pablo C

      Yes, Vive and Rift please….

      • Andrew McEvoy

        And Pimax!

    • Warren Turok

      Not if they don’t pick there sales up ! I’m sure Bethesda wants to sell like more than 5 copies .

    • me

      This is exactly why I have a Rift AND PSVR… no sense waiting… bring it on!!! I actually prefer my PSVR headset over the other (yes I have owned a Vive as well) – the comfort and lack of godrays makes a HUGE difference – yes the tracking is not as tight as with the Vive/Rift – it is more than sufficient to enjoy. To be honest most of my best VR experiences to date have come form my PSVR. Skyrim – I look forward to spending some time with you again old friend!

      • Pablo C

        That´s interesting to know. What is your vcard on your PC? (with the rift).

        • me

          GTX 980 and an I7… what does this have anything to do with the gaming experiences… the lenses on the Rift cause the godrays and I can spend hours on my PSVR without sweating much (10 mins on the Rift and I am sweating due to the foam/fit of the HMD). Farpoint, RE7, etc have been amazing on the PSVR. Don’t get me wrong – I love my Rift however I actually prefer the PSVR.

          • Jason Mercieca

            A 980 is not enough for VR, you need the 10 series of nvidia, 1070 and up.

          • me

            I have never had an issues running anything? Not sure why you say it is not enough… it runs prefect…

          • Alexisms

            They have to try and justify what they have bought over your choices.

          • dogbite

            A 980 and 1070 are pretty much the same performance in VR

          • Jason Mercieca

            A 1070 has 200% more performance than a 970 in 3d, 300% more in VR and a 980 is not twice the power of a 970 not even near twice, and according to many benchmarks the 1070 is far superior in performance than a 980 in VR, thats a fact, but it is to be expected since the 10 series is made with VR in mind, just in rendering the 10 series has so much advantage considering it only renders 1 image for steroscopic, the 9 series needs to render 2 images thus reducing performance greatly.
            When i bought the htc vive i had a 970 (overclocked by factory) and yes i had no problems running VR games, but had to limmit graphic quality (only in vr), then i bought a 1070 and well for VR its a massive improvement in fps over the 9 series.
            A friend of mine had same experience and he had a 980, so well for VR it is worth upgrading to a 10 series (1070 and above).

          • Pablo C

            It has a lot to do since you are comparing the PSVR with the Rift on a GTX980. I mean, you may be comfier with the PSVR for long gaming… until you get 45 fps on some newer games.

      • Jason Mercieca

        I would not play this title on a psvr no way, why limit the graphic quality and computer power, i will wait for the PC, i will wait more ok but the results will be much better, same as always when comparing consoles games to pc games, pc always on top…

  • Wiines 007

    Just a few more days until I’m in Tamriel.

    • Daniel Hodder

      Yeap ps4 VR ftw!! Not long now

    • Andy

      I haven’t been this excited for a game launch since 2011 Skyrim.

    • Fear Monkey

      Cant wait!, wish they would do this for Elder Scrolls online too.

  • Fumunda Cheeze

    My body will be ready.

  • Jona Adams

    When does this come out on PC?