With major US retailers already greasing the wheels of their shopping carts in preparation for the yearly scramble we call Black Friday, Sony today announced on the US PlayStation blog that it’s temporarily lowering the price of all PlayStation VR bundles as well as the PlayStation 4 1TB console, each by $100.

Starting on November 19th and going through Cyber Monday on November 27, participating retailers will offer PSVR bundles starting at $300 and the PS4 1TB console at $200.

image courtesy Sony

When we first reported on Target’s price drop of the PSVR headset and PS4 console, it wasn’t certain if other retailers were participating, or if Target was subsidizing the drop on its own in a bid to attract eager customers looking for one of the most accessible VR headsets currently on offer.

This $100 off also applies to the newly announced PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundlewhich slashes its original price of $450 to the temporary price of $350. The Skyrim bundle includes the updated PSVR headset (CUH-ZVR2), PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and Skyrim VR with Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLC.

The PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle runs at the lower price of $300, as it doesn’t include PS Move controllers and has the headset’s first iteration (CUH-ZVR1).

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Because a PSVR is useless without the PS4 console (that message was for your mom/dad/wife/husband), Sony’s $200 deal effectively brings the whole price of a working VR system to between $500-550.

Additional DualShock 4 wireless controllers, including the recently released translucent colors, are knocked down in price too, now $40.

Sony hasn’t named exactly which retailers will offer the new low price, although we’ve found the price at both Target and Walmart. We’d keep an eye on Amazon in the coming days too.

PlayStations digital marketplace is also offering 40% off selected titles starting November 21st through 8am PT November 28th. The company says they’ll be announcing more info on the sale soon.

This story is breaking. We’ll update as info comes is.

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  • Sky Castle

    They almost had me, but since I already have a Rift and Vive this sale is less appealing to me. The Skyrim bundle + sale is the only thing tempting me to buy it, but I won’t settle for anything less than a PS4 Pro which doesn’t seem like there’s a sale for that, so I’ll be passing this year.

    • mellott124

      Me too. Very tempted by the discounted Skyrim bundle. A Pro discount probably would have had me trying to figure out how to explain to the wife that I bought another HMD.

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Great deal, but I already have a VIVE, and really just want the roomscale skyrim… I think for $500+ I can wait a year, since PS4 has nothing else I would want.

  • A fair price for the Sony headset, that is a bit worse than Oculus Rift, so has to cost a bit less than it

  • flamaest

    Looks like it’s already starting to show up for 199 on the internet.