During the Oculus Connect keynote address, among the company’s many announcements like Netflix for Gear VR and Minecraft for VR, was the news that Twitch is coming to Gear VR. And the best part: you can watch it socially with friends while in the comfort of your virtual living room.

Sitting on your virtual couch with three of your best friends watching CS:GO matches or the Dota 2 Championship will soon be possible with not only the Gear VR Twitch app, but all apps in Oculus Cinema.

twitch on gear vr
Oculus Head of mobile Max Cohen presents the Gear VR Twitch app

“We’ve turned on social for all the Oculus Cinema experiences, so now not only can you watch Twitch, but you and I [and two other people] can all watch Twitch together in VR on the same channel,” Nate Mitchell, Oculus VP of product, said to Norman Chan of Tested.

Mitchell continues to explain what it would be like to sit in the social space: “Imagine in the Twitch room, we’re sitting around this couch—we’re slightly angled so we can see each other…”

Netflix on Gear VR can already be downloaded via the Gear VR app store

The consumer version of Gear VR is coming out soon too, November no less which will be just in time for Black Friday (Nov 27) at the low price of $99.

Gear VR social experiences are becoming a thing of the present, like social app AltspaceVR in alpha testing for Gear VR support and now with Oculus is jumping into the social VR scene before the masses get a hold of the new Gear VR. To boot, Oculus Connect also saw a bevy of classic games via the new Oculus Arcade app which are sure to please VR newcomers and get them gabbing about the wonders of virtual reality.

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