Ubisoft Launches ‘Far Cry VR’ Eight-player VR Arcade Experience, Trailer Here


Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity is a new VR arcade experience supporting up to eight players. The game is now available across Zero Latency VR arcade locations, which span 50 locations worldwide.

Update (June 10th, 2021): Ubisoft and Zero Latency today launches the Far Cry VR experience. The co-op shooter takes up to eight people to the world of Far Cry 3, and puts you face-to-face with psychopathic villain Vaas. The experience is said to take around 30 minutes.

Far Cry VR is now bookable across 50 locations in 23 countries. Check here to see if you have a Zero Latency location nearby. The original article, along with updated trailer, follows below:

Original Article (September 10th, 2020): Ubisoft announced today that it’s developing Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity as a new out-of-home VR arcade experience in collaboration with Zero Latency, one of the leading VR arcade companies with more than 45 locations in 22 countries. (see update)

There’s not much info yet on exactly what the experience will entail, beyond Ubisoft saying that “the game will take a group of up to eight players back to the Rook Islands, the setting of Far Cry 3. Captured by Vaas and his henchmen, players will explore the island and fight for survival together.” Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity is due to release in 2021.

The announcement is interesting for two reasons. First, the VR arcade scene has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic; though the game won’t launch until 2021, Zero Latency appears to be making a sizeable bet that things will be back to normal by then, and that players will feel comfortable going out and donning VR headsets and backpacks used by the public at large.

Second, Zero Latency has traditionally done its own game development, much of it impressive in its own right, and the same for Ubisoft under its brand Ubisoft Escape Games, which has made at least three VR arcade experiences based on Ubisoft IP. At this time it isn’t clear if Zero Latency is merely licensing the Far Cry IP, or if there’s a deeper design collaboration between the studios.

Zero Latency's Next Title is Tackling the Challenges of Location-based PVP

Interestingly, a Far Cry 3 VR experience was among several VR prototypes that Ubisoft built way back in 2015, when VR was still in its ‘dev kit’ era. Whether there’s any development heritage there—or if it’s a just a coincidence—is unknown at this point.

Beyond the out-of-home Far Cry VR, Ubisoft today also revealed a new in-home PC VR game called AGOS: A Game of Space.

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  • VRgameDevGirl

    Oh! u had me excited for a second. At first I thought this was for PC VR. DAMN!

    • notRobot2

      I believe , all games come to pcsteam pl. wait

  • Ad

    I guess it makes sense that this isn’t on PC since it’s co op focused, probably really easy, and less than an hour long. And built for no artificial locomotion? Still seems like s shame that this isn’t for PCVR.

  • Seems cool! Good luck to LBVR for next year!

  • TechPassion

    Great !!!

  • Put it on home VR and then I’ll care.

  • JakeDunnegan

    Wait, what? This is arcade crap? Oh brother. I was watching the UBI stream and I didn’t pick up on that.. !@!@#$!!@$

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Well, VR-arcades seems to be the business Ubisoft is in, as they now have quite some games exclusive for that. And what we are waiting for is games for home VR… Would love to play Far cry 3 in real VR.

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Don’t worry, you’re not missing much. Zero Latency is mostly all just wave shooters. Gets real old real fast. Games with substance can only happen at home.

  • NooYawker

    Seems like bad timing.

  • superdonkey

    Location Based Entertainment, the deathcry of VR

  • johann jensson

    What a nonsense…

  • rfanck

    if this is a 40000 thousands (or more) € or $ license with pc vr bagpack 1500 €-$ equiped with a 1070 gpu ? and pay per minute for the vr arcade wow ! seems really profitable and that thing is exclusive to zero latency ?

  • Seems just like the Star Wars / Wreck it ralph experience I did around Florida Disney.

  • Tom Price

    Are there any gun games for VR that aren’t PSVR that actually have a controller shaped like a gun? Any good? This makes me want that, but I don’t think they exist.

  • Wild Dog

    Please don’t put old news in the roundup, I didn’t care for an update about this.

  • gothicvillas

    And why exactly we dont have Far Cry VR at home?

  • JakeDunnegan

    Why in all the pictures do they not have the visor on their face? They are even breaking my immersion in their pictures!

  • Cragheart

    Instead of creating a whole new game for PC home VR like they should, they only make one boring thing like this, based on a 2012 7th gen console game which receded physics interaction for a more “cinematic” experience compared to Far Cry 2.

    Sorry, but for me FC1 and FC2 are the best and FC5 and FCNW are the worst.