Ubisoft’s ‘Eagle Flight’ Multiplayer Game Coming to PlayStation VR, Vive and Rift


At PlayStation Experience, Sony has announced that Ubisoft is bringing the multiplayer virtual reality game Eagle Flight to PlayStation VR and to PC on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

Eagle Flight started as a Ubisoft tech demo, among a number of other VR concept experiences that the studio showed off earlier this year. Previously the tech demo was built thematically as part of the Assassin’s Creed universe, but from the teaser trailer it looks like the game will inhabit a world of its own.

In the tech demo, the game has players inhabiting the bodies of eagles, flying through about a massive city. The player’s head is used to control the direction of the bird while a controller is used for speeding up and slowing down. The early version we saw featured surprisingly compelling capture the flag gameplay where players would snatch the flag and try to race to capture it before being intercepted by another player. Players can fly down into the streets of the city, under bridges, and through gaps in an effort to lose their opponents in some rather exhilarating chases.


The teaser trailer revealed a pretty stylized city that featured waterways, trees, and even deer running about. It isn’t clear if this was in-game footage or pre-rendered graphics, but we definitely hope for the former.

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  • That was absolutely in-game graphics. Nice work, Ubisoft. That’s gonna be a real challenge for comfort for some. They may want to make some *very* gentle orientation flights first before entering the fliips and barrel roll courses.

  • Heimdal

    On the exclusive part. “Eagle Flight is slated to launch in 2016 for all major VR platforms: PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.” //gamespot. Hope that’s right because it looks pretty cool

  • HoistDude

    I don’t always game, but when I do I am certain to play very boring games using devices that are certain to cause permanent CVS (i.e., vision damage).

    From: The Most Interesting Man in the World (who by the way has never visited my optometrist because I can’t tell him apart from a hairy ape whilst standing five feet in front of him)

    PS4, $400
    Move controllers, $150
    PSVR, $199
    Strapping an HD screen two inches in front of your face and gaming for hours on end = priceless stupidity.

    Oh, don’t believe me, go talk to your eye doc, people.

    • Heimdal

      Right .

      PS4, $400
      Move controllers, $150
      PSVR, $199

      Being an annoying bitch, 0$

      See you on the other super specific sites you hang out on to enlighten us to why you are not interested in their things!