With Marvel Powers United VR headed to Rift next moth, the hype train for the official Marvel superhero co-op game from Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studios is just about left the station. The next set of villains on this list: the sentient (and evil) robot Ultron and the dastardly symbiote Venom.

The game, which is headed to Rift July 26th, features co-op missions, where you use each superhero’s unique powers in online multiplayer, revisiting some of the familiar Marvel locations made famous in films past. Pre-orders for Marvel Powers United VR are already live, with the game priced at $40.

This brings the number of revealed villains to four; Ronan The Accuser, Loki, Venom, and Ultron. It’s uncertain how many are coming at launch, although the Marvel Powers United microsite has 12 spaces in total.

Superheroes already announced include Black Panther, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Crystal, Black Bolt, and Thor.

Oculus and Sanzaru are playing pretty tight-lipped on what the villains can actually do, although if you haven’t heard of either (how that’s possible, I’m not sure) the studios released a short bio for each:

Venom: The creature known as Venom is the convergence of two beings who share a fierce hatred of Spider-Man: disgruntled journalist Eddie Brock, and a spurned alien symbiote. Bonded and fused at the molecular level, Venom possesses incredible new strength and abilities as well as knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity. He is driven by an insatiable hunger to destroy Spider-Man and those who follow him.

Ultron: Though the creation known as Ultron was created with the best of intentions, no one could have predicted that the sentient robot would rebel, becoming a threat to all humanity. After being driven off into the far reaches of the cosmos by the Avengers and their allies, it was believed Ultron had been destroyed. However, his frayed consciousness persisted until he came into contact with a techno-organic alien race which assisted him in unifying his fragmented consciousness back into focus and into a new upgraded body. Ultron has targeted Earth and its mighty heroes once again, but this time he is coming prepared with new powers, abilities and strong allies.

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  • CxNero

    Any chance this will come to Vive as an official release? Sometimes the Revive software doesn’t translate the rift touch controls to vive as well as i hoped…