Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a literal ‘rail shooter’ for PlayStation VR.

Launching soon for PlayStation VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood puts players on a horror ride rollercoaster with guns in their hands. A new developer video and trailer shows some of the gameplay players can expect.

Photo courtesy Supermassive Games / Sony
Photo courtesy Supermassive Games / Sony

The PSVR gameplay recalls classic rail shooters like The House of the Dead series, except now players are fully immersive in the frightening horror show thanks to virtual reality. The developers of Rush of Blood have taken advantage of this fact and it appears they’ve added dodging mechanics to some sections of the gameplay, requiring that players physically dodge out of the way of obstacles with their heads.

The game has players moving through the level as though they’re sitting on a rollercoaster. Rollercoasters in VR were popular in the early days of Rift development kits, before it became apparent that they tended to make people dizzy. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Executive Producer Simon Harris says that the development team spent a lot of time finding out how to make rollercoasters in VR work well so that they don’t cause nausea. We’ll have to wait and see how well they managed to pull that off, but we will say that we’ve seen PSVR experiences like PlayStation VR Worlds: Street Luge which seemed like they would clearly make someone dizzy but surprisingly managed not to.

Photo courtesy Supermassive Games / Sony

Aside from shooting enemies and dodging, it looks also like there will be obstacles which block the player’s path forward which will need to be blasted out of the way before the player crashes into them.

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Sony’s PlayStation VR headset launches on October 13th.

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  • Since I always loved the often cringeworthy “House of the Dead” series I think this one will be fun. VR immersion will give this kind of gameplay the extra kick it might need.

  • seany187

    Is it just me or the graphics looks like phone quality? very jaggy.