VR hack-and-slash roguelite Until You Fall launched in Early Access in late August with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game has been updated with preliminary support for other SteamVR headsets, including Index and Windows VR, for testing ahead of support being officially added in October. Developer Schell Games has published a public roadmap showing updates planned throughout the Early Access period.

Released last week, update 0.1.2 for Until You Fall adds preliminary support for Index, Windows VR, and other SteamVR headsets beyond Vive and Rift. While the studio says it has more work to do before being able to guarantee the game will play correctly with those additional headsets and controllers, players can begin testing the game and report any issues that arise.

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As of now, other controllers will default to Vive wand mappings, though players may be able to take a stab at making a custom configuration through the SteamVR Input system which lets players remap controller inputs themselves.

Schell Games expects to finalize official support for the additional headsets and controllers in October.

“We’re still working on more official platform support with controller models, pointer offsets, and button remapping through SteamVR [coming in update] 0.2, but we wanted to get folks in the game sooner rather than later,” the studio writes.

Update 0.1.2 also increased walking speeds in response to player feedback and tweaked the ‘Empowered Strikes’ ability to be more competitive with other abilities.

The ‘Until You Fall’ roadmap pictures four of six new weapons in development: a mace, a rapier, and two off-hand talismans. | Images courtesy Schell Games

Today Schell Games published a public roadmap to show what’s in development for Until You Fall throughout the Early Access period.

Presently the roadmap indicates plans for more dialogue from the game’s disembodied narrator, Agatha, six new weapons, “Tier 3” environments, a final boss fight, difficulty settings, and a handful of other tweaks and fixes. Schell Games expects to add more to the roadmap throughout the Early Access period, which is expect to last until 2020.

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