Until You Fall launched in Early Access on Steam and Oculus back in August 2019; the game impressed us with its excellent VR melee combat system. Despite consistently high reviews, the game hasn’t attracted a critical mass of players, pushing developer Schell Games to shift development focus toward support for new headsets. With most PC VR headsets already covered, the studio is likely considering Quest and PSVR.

Earlier this month, Schell Games offered up a look at its 2020 roadmap for Until You Fall. Though the game is one of the best rated VR titles on Oculus PC and Steam, it doesn’t seem to have achieved the traction the studio was hoping for. As such, the studio makes clear that its top priority is getting the game onto more headsets, while simultaneously readying the title for a ‘1.0’ launch out of Early Access.

While the response to Until You Fall has been amazing, the best way to ensure that we can still keep adding content to the game is by ensuring more Rune Knights can take the fight to Rokar.

Fittingly, one of the most frequent requests we’ve received is to bring the game to more headsets. So, we are currently inves­ti­gating the time and resources needed to bring the game to addi­tional platforms (specifics will be announced soon, we’re still pretty early on in our inves­ti­ga­tions).

The studio hasn’t said which new headsets its targeting, but with the game already available on both Oculus PC (Rift) and SteamVR (Index, Rift, Vive) it’s clear that Quest and PSVR are in the studio’s sights for Until You Fall.

We’d guess that Quest is a near certainty—given its input and tracking parity with major PC headsets—while PSVR is more of a wild card due to its restrictive, front-facing tracking volume and the fact that its host system, PS4, is reaching the end of its lifecycle.

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From our reading, it sounds like Schell Games aims to reach a 1.0 version of Until You Fall that it’s happy with and then launch that version across existing headsets and whichever new headsets the studio settles on.

Image courtesy Schell Games

Since the game’s launch in Early Access, the studio has made a number of large updates including adding new enemies and weapons. In the near-term the studio says it’s still working on some smaller updates for the Early Access version of the game.

During the first part of 2020 the team will be working on some balance updates, tutorial tweaks, quality of life improve­ments, and updating the in-game music with our new mastered tracks.

Timeline and specifics for these updates are still in flux, but we’re shooting to get the first of them out by the end of March.

In the long run, Schell Games says, the studio wants to continue to expand the game, but it needs a critical mass of players to do so, and believes that prioritizing launching the game on more headsets is the best approach to reach that goal.

Like I Expect You To Die [another VR game from the studio], we want to try and continue supporting the game beyond launch with new content.

As such, getting us on as many platforms as possible and ensuring we have a solid 1.0 offering will give us a better chance at making addi­tional content going into the future.

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  • It is sad hearing such a great dev struggling with sales. I hope Quest will give them the money they deserve

    • Sandeman21

      Most great VR devs struggle, or suffer because of that. The entire VR consumer segment exists on sheer enthusiasm and stubbornness.


    I been playing this game trying to complete it. It’s tough on normal and it’s my “go to game” when I’m bored. I’m buying a copy for my brother and a friend as well. We all have VR headsets. This game doesn’t pop out of the rest of the offerings on steamVR. Lots of games are just “blah!” and the gems like this one are just hard to dig up unless you spend alot of time searching for it.

  • Immersive Computing

    Got to say I bought it, tried it, quickly realised it wasn’t for me, and refunded. It seems well made, but i wasn’t into its combat system, and that’s fundamental in combat game.

  • nasprin

    Very sad to hear that, Until You Fall became one of my favorite games for VR. I think people underestimate how well the combat system actually works – its incredibly satisfing and complex.

  • namekuseijin

    How about focusing on actual level design? roguelites are supposed to have actual interesting maps for exploration, not a simplistic linear path with reward always at the end…

    as it is, it’s more Beat Saber or On Shape rather than a real game…