Like other headsets, the Valve Index has been in high demand but limited supply due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While we’ve seen stock of Oculus Quest and Rift starting to return over the last week or so, Index is still backordered globally.

We checked stock availability for all Index packages across all 31 regions where sold. The latest shows that all packages of the headset are backordered by eight weeks or more, save for the Base Stations which are simply listed as “Out of Stock”.

Index has been backordered by eight weeks or more in all regions since a small supply of new stock was gobbled up just before Half-Life: Alyx launched in late March.

Despite the backorder, it’s been possible to register your interest in any of the Index packages (except for the base stations) to reserve a spot in line, check out the Index store page to sign up. Valve is then sending out notifications by email when stock is available, giving customers one week to pull the trigger. Even so, when offered the option to buy, no estimate for delivery is provided leaving customers wondering how long they’ll be waiting.

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We reached out to Valve for an update on the situation. The company told us they are planning to make shipping and tracking info more transparent in the near future.

“We are making every effort possible to deliver units in a timely fashion. The current conditions due to Covid-19 are causing fluctuations. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time, and we plan to make more shipping/tracking info available soon,” a Valve spokesperson said.

Like other headsets, the Chinese-manufactured Index has seen a double-whammy due to the Coronavirus pandemic: supply decreasing due to manufacturing disruptions and demand increasing due to shelter-in-place orders in many parts of the globe.

Oculus had been in the same boat; in the last two weeks however we’ve seen a surge of new Quest stock, suggesting that manufacturing of the headset is once again picking up steam. When the same might happen for Index isn’t clear, but we’ve got our eye on the situation.

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  • D-_-RAiL

    I signed up on March 10th and it said 7-8 weeks and I am still waiting. Hopefully this week I can actually purchase one.

  • Undearius

    There’s a Google Sheet being used by the community to crowd source order times.

    • Lacy

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    • Anfronie

      As is tradition :)

  • Damn… this is not helping VR in becoming widespread

    • Anfronie

      Right what a time to not have much stock. At least there is demand even though it is because of the crazy times. At least people are turning towards VR more for entertainment!

  • I’d buy one today if I could. Been waiting for months. As long as I can get it by the time Medal of Honor releases I’ll be happy.

    • Mikey

      But then you have to wait until Revive gets it working since its an Oculus exclusive. That can takes days or months.

  • Lvfunn

    I ordered mine within the first minute of stock being released on March 9th. This coming Monday will mark 9 weeks. My status has not changed once! This is the worst online ordering process that I have ever used. At least give me some hope and change my status from, “Ships after 8 weeks” to something else, anything else!

  • chaos_in_ashland

    Valve has been extra shady with this whole process. I ordered mine March 9th, and haven’t received anything from them. No notifications, no updates, nothing. When I reached out the customer support, all I got was “You will be notified when it’s ready”.

    Everyone understands the Covid issue. Valve needs to be more transparent. By the time they actually might ship them, somewhere around Q4 of this year, there will be a better headset available.

    I wanted to support Valve, but this is downright ridiculous. Might be time to cancel the order.

    • johndotpizza

      Well you didn’t pay anything so they don’t owe you much. You effectively just saved your spot in line.

      • chaos_in_ashland

        You’re right they don’t owe me anything. But their system is frustrating, especially when people who ordered in late March have already paid for and received theirs.

        This is a ripe opportunity for Epic to produced their own VR system, a hardcore and embarrassing smackdown would do Valve some good.

        • johndotpizza

          I really don’t think Valve is slacking off. I’m sure they want to meet demand but with the pandemic I’m betting it has ballooned to a point that they couldn’t have been ready for. Even Oculus is having a hard time meeting demand.

          Also, considering that Epic relies on Steam for the few VR titles on their platform, I highly doubt they’re working on hardware when they can’t even support the software.