Like other headsets, the Valve Index has been in high demand but limited supply due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Though Index is still backordered, the queues have greatly reduced in the last few weeks, with the vast majority of regions shipping most kits within two weeks.

Updated – October 16th, 2020

We checked stock availability for all Index packages across all 31 regions where sold. Our last check in September showed that backorder queues for some packages had continued to shrink, but most packages were still backordered by two to four weeks or more.

Our latest check shows continued improvements in shipping times. In all regions except for North America and Japan, all packages except the ‘Headset’ kit are estimated to ship within two weeks. The ‘Headset’ package continues to see a backorder queue of eight weeks or more.

See chart for: 9/7/208/27/208/4/207/6/204/30/20 | 5/6/20 | 5/18/20 

This is a big improvement for the headset which has struggled to battle back its backorder queue for most of 2020.

“We recently went back in stock for customers in Europe and we’re working hard to do so elsewhere,” a Valve spokesperson tells Road to VR.

Index had been backordered by eight weeks or more in all regions since a small supply of new stock was gobbled up just before Half-Life: Alyx launched in late March. This month is the best availability the headset has seen since then.

Despite the backorders it’s still possible to register your interest in any of the Index packages. To reserve a spot in line, check out the Index store page and click the order button.

Valve is then sending out notifications by email when stock is available, giving customers one week to pull the trigger.

Analysis: 'Half-Life: Alyx' Adds Nearly 1 Million VR Users to Steam in Record Gain

Like other headsets, the Chinese-manufactured Index saw a double-whammy this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic: supply decreasing due to manufacturing disruptions and demand increasing due to shelter-in-place orders in many parts of the globe.

Oculus had been in the same boat; in August and September however we saw Oculus steadily beating back its Quest and Rift S backorders, showing that manufacturing of the headset had picked up significant steam. With the launch of Quest 2 this week the company seemed to have plenty of headsets ready to go, though order queues appear to be slowly building in the following days.

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  • D-_-RAiL

    I signed up on March 10th and it said 7-8 weeks and I am still waiting. Hopefully this week I can actually purchase one.

  • Undearius

    There’s a Google Sheet being used by the community to crowd source order times.

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    • Anfronie

      As is tradition :)

  • Damn… this is not helping VR in becoming widespread

    • Anfronie

      Right what a time to not have much stock. At least there is demand even though it is because of the crazy times. At least people are turning towards VR more for entertainment!

    • Baldrickk

      Not sure about new stock, but I’ve been waiting two weeks for an RMA controller to ship – thankfully though, they gave me advanced, so I’m not without. I don’t even have tracking info yet. So it seems that they are out of controllers to fulfill RMAs… at least left ones.

    • Jonathan Winters III

      True that. But Quest 2 is picking up the slack, and much more.

  • I’d buy one today if I could. Been waiting for months. As long as I can get it by the time Medal of Honor releases I’ll be happy.

    • Mikey

      But then you have to wait until Revive gets it working since its an Oculus exclusive. That can takes days or months.

  • Lvfunn

    I ordered mine within the first minute of stock being released on March 9th. This coming Monday will mark 9 weeks. My status has not changed once! This is the worst online ordering process that I have ever used. At least give me some hope and change my status from, “Ships after 8 weeks” to something else, anything else!

    • Gerald Terveen

      “Ships after 8 weeks or longer” … would that really change anything? ;)
      I mean I can understand how annoying it is to wait, but lets face it – the long wait was already announced with the 8 weeks and if it takes 12 weeks that is still after 8 weeks.

      • Todd Doane

        This guy got his if he ordered the full kit. This comment was two months ago. All the orders from March 9th got fulfilled by the second week of June at the latest. Currently orders through mid April are being fulfilled for the full kit in NA. I ordered mine on May 19 and I am expecting to get it by the end of August.

    • Arrogant Valve Support

      It’s baffling how awful it is to order a Valve Index. They will change the date from “5 weeks, no problem you got time bro” to “BUY NOW OR LOSE YOUR SPOT IN THE QUEUE! DO IT NOW! NO, SUPPORT WONT HELP YOU!” The idea that I’m supposed to watch my order like a hawk for THEIR mistakes is blood boiliningly infuriating.

      Definitely not waiting another 14 weeks, get bent Valve. In fact, you know what? I think I’m gonna look for a new client to buy games from. Epic seems to be giving out incentives to switch.

    • Clownworld14

      Same, been waiting months, very frustrating.

    • NooYawker

      I hope you got it by now.

      • Lvfunn

        I did, but it was like 24 weeks or so. But, playing Half Life Alyx made it worth the wait.

  • chaos_in_ashland

    Valve has been extra shady with this whole process. I ordered mine March 9th, and haven’t received anything from them. No notifications, no updates, nothing. When I reached out the customer support, all I got was “You will be notified when it’s ready”.

    Everyone understands the Covid issue. Valve needs to be more transparent. By the time they actually might ship them, somewhere around Q4 of this year, there will be a better headset available.

    I wanted to support Valve, but this is downright ridiculous. Might be time to cancel the order.

    • johndotpizza

      Well you didn’t pay anything so they don’t owe you much. You effectively just saved your spot in line.

      • chaos_in_ashland

        You’re right they don’t owe me anything. But their system is frustrating, especially when people who ordered in late March have already paid for and received theirs.

        This is a ripe opportunity for Epic to produced their own VR system, a hardcore and embarrassing smackdown would do Valve some good.

        • johndotpizza

          I really don’t think Valve is slacking off. I’m sure they want to meet demand but with the pandemic I’m betting it has ballooned to a point that they couldn’t have been ready for. Even Oculus is having a hard time meeting demand.

          Also, considering that Epic relies on Steam for the few VR titles on their platform, I highly doubt they’re working on hardware when they can’t even support the software.

    • GeekAndProud

      By the time they actually might ship them, somewhere around Q4 of this year, there will be a better headset available.

      Ahahahaaa – You’re kidding right? No company has done any R&D or had the time to come out with a headset in such a short time.

      The only headset that has been announced and is releasing soon is the Reverb G2 which is hardly in the same class as the Index. The fact you’d come up with such a dumb statement is hilarious….

      • TechPassion

        G2 is better than Index. Only controllers are less advanced. Shut up!

        • Baldrickk

          Index has better tracking, the controllers (as you said), better FOV, higher refresh rates.

          G2 has better pixel density and is a bit lighter.

          • DeenVR

            Clarity is king, sweetie. G2>G1>Index

          • johann jensson

            That’s why i prefer G2. And i absolutely don’t care for higher refresh rates or the uncomfortable and unreliable Knuckles.

          • polysix

            G2 has way more than just that, less (almost none) god rays, better black levels, better colours, better contrast, flip up for devs, convenience of inside out tracking (I had vive with lighthouse – NEVER again hated them basestations), better sweetspot WITHING the FOV which almost cancels out the Index’s fov advantage anyway…

            give me clarity or nothing. As for refresh rates, don’t be daft… most people would be lucky to hit 90hz at 2160p x 2160p.. let alone the over the top index rates. Nothing wrong with 90hz.

          • CazCore

            you can use Lighthouse/Knuckles (Index controllers) with Reverb G2 (or other WinMR HMDs). search youtube for tutorials

      • polysix

        G2 absolutely DESTROYS Index! Your comment is ridiculous.

        On most things it at least matches it (audio for example), then it surpasses it MASSIVELY on PRICING, Convienience, Clarity, Resolution, Lens quality, GOD RAYS, BLACK LEVELS, COLOUR, contrast, comfort, weight… don’t be a **** just cos you own an index (I’m currently on rift CV1 and had a Vive also and they all had flaws – but the index’s only ‘decent’ upgrade was the slight FOV increase (but at a cost to clarity) and the new controllers… but even then many still prefer touch style, me included, the knuckles ones are just… not ergonomic. As for tracking, yeah lighthouse is king on that IF all you care about is perfect tracking and not about ease of moving it around a house or staying in view of them – my vive was a pain to go from standing to seated VR for example – no such issue with inside out tracking… and for the very very few times you’ll break tracking on G2 it’s more than fine, it’s a non issue given all the positives.

        Valve will probably give up on lighthouse soon, the future is inside out tracking and it’ll get better, as an ex vive owner who’s used to lighthouse tracking, I don’t miss it given the Index’s downsides of bad godrays, bad blacks, weight, cost, “low” res (vs G2). The one thing that has made me shy away from more VR usage has been low res, not FOV, not tracking.

        G2 > Index. get over it.

        • Zantetsu

          Different people value different aspects of VR differently. Get over it.

        • G2 hasn’t released yet, it’s wise to wait for retail release before making judgement.

          Bear in mind G2 has recently been delayed so HP can revise the lenses…

          Very keen to try once released!

  • Speaking to a contact who works in Taiwan in manufacturing sector, many factories are still not operating at full capacity, he said about 70% output compared to same period in 2019.

  • Jetson Trevor

    8+ weeks yeah right! SEVENTEEN weeks now since yesterday SEVENTEEN without any further decent feedback or even estimate. We’ll see at the point where they ask for payment what the situation is with new tech entering the market like the Reverb G2 and if it is still worth it to get an Index. Imagine if it’s not working by arrival how long are we going to have to wait again for a replacement.

    • Nicolas Charly

      I feel your pain. Been waiting since the 30th of March for anything on my part.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      At this moment what I would like to see is a Reverb G2 headset, with controllers like the index, but with the tracking tech of the Pico Neo 2 controllers.. (ok, even one adjustment to the headset, wireless and clear lenses, and then VR is really getting to the point where most of the negatives of the current generation are solved)..

    • Clownworld14

      all dead my end also. frustrating to say the least. Might end up getting Reverb instead.

  • VRagoso

    Got mine last week :) Finally! So happy it arrived!

  • Gamer1st

    Got my headset Thursday. Using my Vive lighthouses and had the knuckles already.

    • Gamer1st

      I ordered it on the 29th of March.

  • Salsaketchup

    I ordered full kit on 1st of April, got the email giving 7 days to complete a couple of days ago and have just received tracking ID today 09 July, so it was about 3 months backlog!

  • Well, it something, but 3-5 weeks is still a quite long time. I hope good guy Valve will improve even more!

  • Creedygunslinger Rawr

    mostly i ordered mine in may (sadly after march) and been waiting for the longest time ever mostly for a lot of people who are crying about not getting theirs right away mostly turn to E bay or Amazon where they have some of the index being sold there right out of the box instead of giving steam a hard time a lot of people are biding them and if your lucky you might win but got to give steam some slack they’re trying to get them out for people who been waiting 8+ weeks :/

  • Merlin StWahgwaan

    3 weeks down… 8 weeks or more to go…. XD

  • Stephen Boot

    My order was down to ships in two weeks or more but I’ve cancelled and pre-ordered the Reverb G2. I know the Index has better tracking and controllers but the extra image clarity on the G2 as a sim racer won me over. Plus I was concerned that I was buying old tech as the Index has been around for a while without anyone actually being able to get one. I was looking forward to the knuckle controllers but I’ve saved the best part of £200, I hope Valve can sort their supply out for any future VR headset as this has put me off in a big way.

    • Mettanine

      Your definition of “old tech” is baffling…

      • humpadumpa

        Yeah, it’s honestly pretty sickening how people view obsolescence nowadays.

        • Stephen Boot

          Not really, surely you buy the latest version of something? My HTC Vive is literally falling to bits since owning from launch and I what the newest technology to replace it, why would I settle for something a year old when I can get a superior and cheaper option??? I’m baffled by the comments lol. In technology a year doesn’t make a product obsolete but it will be based on ‘old tech’ that has been superseded.

          • Mettanine

            I can see your point that for primarily sim racing, the G2 may be the better option (unless the high refresh rates are more beneficial than higher resolution, but I can neither confirm nor deny that). It still doesn’t make the Index “old tech”. Nothing about it is obsolete or superseded so far.

          • Stephen Boot

            But it’s resolution has been superseded.

          • Mettanine

            I wouldn’t call that superseded as several headsets predating the Index, including the G1 from years ago, have had higher resolutions. But that’s pointless bickering now, isn’t it? :) I’m sure the G2 is a solid headset. Have fun with it!

          • Stephen Boot

            A bit of discussion and differing opinions doesn’t hurt. All the best.

          • There’s more to it than native panel resolution, Index looks incredible with super resolution and this is extremely taxing on a PC, my 2080Ti gets worked very hard but the clarity benefit is immediate.

            Very interested to test the G2 in the near future! And to see it’s native resolution versus Index with super resolution..


          • benz145

            Interesting that you’d choose this relatively obscure content as an example of visuals. Does it scale well with resolution and SS?

          • Yes it scales beautifully, it’s a stunning experience with such great art, music and voice work – although a couple of guests last year found it made them a bit motion sick, perhaps the free flight sections?


      • Valve recently mentioned the technology in index is 2 years old. Had my mine since launch last year, thoroughly enjoy using it

        Looks absolutely stunning with as much super resolution as you can throw at it, though it can easily bring my RTX2080Ti to its knees, so there’s plenty of life in Index yet

    • ¥DK¥

      I’ll take 144Hz over higher resolution any day. It has way more impact , it’s extremely noticeable in VR, specially fast motion content

  • Merlin StWahgwaan

    4 weeks down, +8 weeks to go… XD

  • Merlin StWahgwaan

    7 weeks down, +8 weeks to go…. just keep swimming

    • gothicvillas


      • Merlin StWahgwaan

        yea its a bit ridiculous in my opinion, like honestly, if they knew if was going to be 16 weeks not 8 they should just have said so at the time i “Placed my order”

  • ¥DK¥

    I ordered a full kit by mid-May, it was shipped today.

    • Merlin StWahgwaan

      can you check your exact order date and exact ship dates and post them?
      I ordered on July 7th exactly, according the the email i was sent from Steam, so just over 7 weeks ago now, and I have heard nothing, and seen no updates anywhere about dates or stock avail except here on RoadtoVR…
      Anyways, I’d be interested to know exactly how many weeks you waited before it was shipped, just guessing, but it sounds like you waited 14 weeks, id like to know if its more though….

  • Zantetsu

    I ordered mine when they announced Alyx whenever that was and got it like 2 weeks later. Hate me if you want, but I never even bothered to finish Alyx and the Index has primarily been used by my son to play rec room. And he doesn’t even use the index controllers because they are uncomfortable (which I agree with), preferring the original Vive wands.

  • guest

    What’s the story with Japan???

  • guest

    Why none for Japan???

  • MasterElwood

    No wonder nobody is buying the INDEX with the G2 on the horizon…

  • CazCore

    consider Reverb G2. superior to Index in almost everyway (except refresh rate, which is still good, 90hz, and most people will struggle to get it up to those rates anyway, at it’s true resolution).

    you can even use Lighthouse/Knuckles (Index controllers) with Reverb G2 (or other WinMR HMDs). search youtube for tutorials. if you care about that, and $ is no issue

  • zarathustra2k1

    8 weeks to the day here; I wistfully check my email daily for that ‘golden ticket’ message that I’ve been selected to ̶v̶i̶s̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶o̶c̶o̶l̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ receive my Index.
    C’mon VOLVo! I’ve got a hot account chock-full of VR games ready to go…

  • Merlin StWahgwaan

    looks like Canada might be catching up on Orders as of today….
    Steam updated the Index ordering page, the Base station is now available to be ordered in Canada again, and it says ships in 2 weeks… Nice upgrade from Unavailable lol

    Still +8 weeks on full kits…. Mine has been on order over that time already now…

    • Merlin StWahgwaan


      The Headset+Controller set, in Canada, has gone back too +8 weeks…

      Well….. life suuks

  • guest

    WTF with the old comments??? Disqus buries any timely commentary!!! Perhaps Ben should rename the articles, that is, if he ever sees this…

  • Merlin StWahgwaan

    10 Weeks to the day, as of tomorrow…
    +8 weeks left to go….
    XD…. life…

    • Merlin StWahgwaan

      I did manage to Order and Receive a Logitech X56 Rhino HOTAS already, and I’ve also place my order for a YawVR Motion Chair, so thats on its way hopefully soon as well…. by the time my Index arrives, i’ll have absolutely everything I need for Flight Sims

  • I ordered my Valve Index in July, and it’s almost October now. I’m too close to breaking Even now, since I’ve been saving that 1000 for the purchase button to finally show up. I don’t want it to be the case of me just not spending a dime till Christmas. I don’t know if I can continue to wait that long with no official updates from Valve.
    This is the only place I’ve found information, and I’m so so worried I’ll never see that headset in my hands…

    Ordered almost 11 Weeks ago now…

    • Cinnev

      I ordered at the end of June and got the email to confirm payment today, so keep faith

      • *Sigh*, I appreciate that. Hope you’re having fun with yours ^^

  • M L

    The whole thing is ridiculous. I missed the email and my 1week deadline by less than 24hrs so now I’m back to the bottom. 3 month wait is asinine. It said more than 8 weeks as little as 3 weeks ago with no update to when I could pay. Someone else said the transparency is the issue and I agree. I know they don’t want to do a bunch of refunds but they should at least update as time goes on so I can see when I’m down to 4 weeks and then 2 so I can prepare to watch for the final email or pay early as I get close. I ordered again but am seriously considering canceling and just moving to Epic even though I can’t stand Epic. $1000 is not chump change for most people but I guess it is to them so they don’t need mine.

  • Charles

    Looking forward to the Index 2 / Index+ that will presumably have respectable contrast amd black levels.

  • ChristrutHisalvation

    My opinion…why wait for a index and spend $1K ? Get a Quest 2 now and return to bstbuy if you hate it.Its 4K and costs 300 bucks.No need for external sensors and comes with everything.Play standalone.Pc vr oculus link and pc vr via virtual desktop.

  • NooYawker

    I didn’t realize how old this original article was until I noticed how old the comments are. I have an Index, I got lucky and was able to nab one in March. But if I didn’t have one at this point, I’d probably wait and see if the Reverb is as good as they a say and get that if it is.