With the Winter holidays and the New Year in the rearview mirror, Quest 2 stock is becoming easier to find and available for delivery more promptly. While backorders in some regions spanned more than a month on the lead up to the holidays, now Oculus expects to deliver Quest 2 and Rift S orders within one week in most regions.

Updated – January 21st, 2020

At the launch of the headset, Facebook told Road to VR the company was planning to make “many more” units of Quest 2 than the original Quest headset, which was very difficult to find during the previous holiday shopping season.

Despite additional challenges to manufacturing and logistics due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Quest 2 stock was relatively easy to find from both Oculus and third-party retailers through Cyber Monday, but on the lead up to the Winter holidays the headset became backordered at many retailers. As of now it’s fairly easy to get your hands on Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 & Rift S Stock Check

We checked stock availability for direct purchases from Oculus.com for Quest 2 (64GB), Quest 2 (256GB), and Rift S across all regions where the headsets are sold. The latest shows that both models are expected to be delivered within one week in most regions.

Fortunately, even the regions with longest shipping estimates aren’t too long compared to what was seen previously during the holiday season, with the longest Quest 2 shipping estimate currently just two weeks in Canada, compared to a month or at some points in December.

See chart for: 11/23/20 | 11/25/20 | 11/26/20 | 11/27/20 | 11/29/20 | 11/30/20 | 12/1/2020 | 12/3/2020 | 12/4/2020 | 12/7/2020 | 12/14/2020 | 12/21/2020 | 12/31/2020

Rift S availability currently mirrors Quest 2 availability almost perfectly, except in the US where in Ireland where its estimated delivery dates vary slightly. That’s a bit surprising, considering Oculus has announced the Rift product line will be discontinued in 2021 as the company fully shifts focus to standalone VR headsets with optional PC tethering. Granted, it may well be that the company is shipping Quest and Rift headsets together in batches, meaning the slower of the two dictates the overall pace.

Valve’s Index headset has also recently saw a major improvement in stock availability.

Backorders at many third-party Quest 2 retailers have improved significantly as well for both the 64GB and 256GB models. Below is an overview of where else you can look for stock at third-party retailers:

Where to Buy Quest 2 and Look for Stock

If you’re unable to find it direct from Oculus, here’s a complete list of official third-party retailers in each country, including the local MSRP so that you know you’re getting the right price.

Price: 64GB ($480 AUD), 256GB ($639 AUD)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB ($460 CAD), 256GB ($630 CAD)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (¥37100 JPY), 256GB (¥49200 JPY)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB ($570 NZD), 256GB ($739 NZD)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (₩414000 KRW), 256GB (₩553000 KRW)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (€350 EUR), 256GB (€450 EUR)

Price: 64GB (Fr. 400 CHF), 256GB (Fr. 500 CHF)

Price: 64GB ($320 USD), 256GB ($420 USD)

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Ben is the world's most senior professional analyst solely dedicated to the XR industry, having founded Road to VR in 2011—a year before the Oculus Kickstarter sparked a resurgence that led to the modern XR landscape. He has authored more than 3,000 articles chronicling the evolution of the XR industry over more than a decade. With that unique perspective, Ben has been consistently recognized as one of the most influential voices in XR, giving keynotes and joining panel and podcast discussions at key industry events. He is a self-described "journalist and analyst, not evangelist."
  • wowgivemeabreak

    “Despite additional challenges to manufacturing and logistics due to the Coronavirus pandemic”

    Despite the additional challenges to manufacturing and logistics due to the irrational government response and lockdowns globally to the glorified flu “pandemic” which has a survival rate barely worse than the regular flu.

    Fixed it for you.

    • shadow9d9

      “Since December 2019, COVID-19 has killed more people in the U.S. than influenza has in the last five years. ”


      1/4 million dead americans in 8 months and the stupidity and pure, unrivalled selfishness continues to rage on.

      Deaths aren’t the only thing of importance. The insanely high spread rate compared to the flu is important. The long term side effects matter.

      • polysix

        And thats with massive precautions, lockdowns, masks, etc… and it was still a massive killer. These covidiot morons can’t see that at all.

    • FrankB

      I bet you think Trump won the election too.

    • Dave

      Your comments about covid are shocking. I’ve been on zoom calls where colleagues have lost parents / loved ones. Yeah so It’s never a problem until it’s a problem like cancer and then you know.

    • polysix

      You utter moron. If we hadn’t responded as we did youd see full well covid is no mere flu. Please let natural selection do its thing when you doubt refuse the vaccine cos you watched too many xfiles as a kid. Give me strength

  • Frédéric Ilbaize

    For as far as I know, I live in France and since day one there’s absolutely no delay at all for finding and buying a quest 2 64go (ordered mine satuday afternoon got delivered today !) ! EVERY RETAILER has the device available ! And black friday with no discount at all on quest 2 is supposed to make things different ? On what planet or parralel universe have done your study ?

    • benz145

      This information comes directly from Oculus.

      • Frédéric Ilbaize

        they simply lie ! don’t know if i am allowed to post links of every retailers in France but it will just show that facebook is 100% lying !

        • benz145

          Why would they lie about their own product being out of stock?

          • Frédéric Ilbaize

            you want me to post you every links of every retailers in Franceor not ? no problem doing so , and you will see that after every picture with quest 2 64gb it will be written AVAILABLE ! Why would they lie about it ? come on be seroious, the quest 2 is not selling as much as they want to and they are giving no sale numbers at all and they want us to believe demand is so high that it is difficult to get his hands on to !

          • benz145

            I think they’d rather sell the headsets than convince people it’s out of stock when it isn’t.

            The point you seem to be missing is that the chart above is info when ordering directly from Oculus. It isn’t going to exactly reflect what’s available in third-party retailers at this given moment in time, but it’s indicative of the overall stock situation.

            You’re looking at one country as a data point and assuming that’s the case across the globe.

          • Gerald Terveen

            I wonder if Facebook is just prioritising other distribution channels over their own website. The VR nerds go there to preorder, but the average gamer will likely prefer the usual sources that they know best. After all there is nothing to gain by ordering from Oculus directly compared to say Amazon.

            My expectation is still that Facebook is currently selling fewer units than they produce and for that reason created the generous Asgard’s Wrath promotion as the PC gamer crowd has very likely the biggest potential to begin with. They are running that promotion way too long for me to believe it was just an event celebration of sorts – this is pushing sales.

          • benz145

            Quite possible they’re pushing more to retailers than keeping for direct sales, though clearly their goal would be to not undersupply any point of purchase. So if direct stock dwindles, either they made a mistake in their allocation, or demand is generally higher than they can supply.

          • Gerald Terveen

            I think there is a mix of what you want to achieve. Having every channel well supplied does suggest that you run a surplus production which press could interpret as low demand.
            But if you have a little bit of an impression of scarcity you might get folks to pull the trigger earlier to make sure they have one when winter sets in or to put under the xmas tree.
            I am willing to bet that anyone that tries to buy over the Oculus page will be able to switch to another distribution channel like Amazon. I am not sure the same applies the other way around if the Oculus site was the last source of available headsets.

            I stay with my expectation that demand wasn’t as high as they hoped given the strong start. But that they will likely be able to correct for that with their Asgard’s Wrath offering (that really does sweeten the deal for most PC gamers a lot!).

            I am even willing to speculate that the whole shitstorm thing they had going over early adopters not being part of the deal was a calculated move to create a lot more visibility. Not to mention that the requirement to send in the invoice (which is silly given that they could just give it to every HMD ID once), might have lead to collecting a lot of useful data! From learning what else they bought with that purchase to verified home addresses.

          • benz145

            I really don’t think that a major part of the holiday sales strategy for any consumer product is to instil a sense of scarcity among potential customers. I constantly hear people saying some version of ‘Nintendo uses artificial scarcity to spur demand’ but never offer up evidence.


            Most customers don’t look at the overall supply situation, they just go to wherever they would normally shop and if the thing isn’t available they will assume it’s not available anywhere else—which is a lost sale for the company. It’s a small portion of people who go digging through various retailers to try to find a sliver of stock elsewhere.

            The more likely explanation is that manufacturing output has limited flexibility, and making changes beyond that limited flexibility costs significant time and money. Thus, the goal is to create the optimal amount of supply, though that amount may or may not be capable of meeting all demand spikes.

            Artificially manufacturing the Asgard’s Wrath outrage also seems very unlikely.

            Both strategies would be exceptionally risky for the payoff.

          • Gerald Terveen

            There is the sense of scarcity and there is actual scarcity. I was talking about why I might not prioritise having available stock on the Oculus website over stock on Amazon or BestBuy. The sense of scarcity is just a side effect, the overall dictating economic factors are of course the limited flexibility in production – which I also wrote and why I said they will rather try to raise demand to match production through the Asgards Wrath promotion than to scale production to meet the current levels of demand. Of course that also plays into the big play of dominating a huge chunk of the VR market.

            As for the “manufacturing the AW outrage” – there are two options here.

            Option A – a company the size of Facebook was not able to predict the reaction to this promotion ahead of time.
            Option B – they did predict the reaction and then played through the scenarios that follow.

            I have a tough time believing that Option A is really what happened. But of course that is an entirely viable option.
            But I do consider the paths that could fall under Option B as well.

            As for the risk – there is very little. The outrage created visibility. The sudden calming down created another wave of posts. You write on VR news, most of folks like me wrote about it in social media and Facebook. If someone knows the power of social media it is Facebook!
            They own the game company and it was pretty simple to give everyone a copy. No big renegotiations involved.

            What risk was there? The payoff was gigantic I bet! The mentions of the name alone will help the SEO a ton and everyone is happy to have gotten a free game.

            Hell – because I talked about it on social media a stranger actually gifted me Hellblade on SteamVR and I got two free games out of this promotion.

          • benz145

            Fair points. I will add that companies make dumb marketing decisions that attract negative attention(and are clearly not a contrived marketing ploy) all the time, despite their size or experience.

          • Gerald Terveen

            Absolutely and that is why I put it out as pure speculation. The one thing that does make me curious though is them asking for the invoice. That seems like a lot of avoidable strain on their support system given that every HMD has a unique Identifier. Especially as they already use that system to identify the headsets that are activated for the first time! So it would have been a much easier tweak to just allow all HMD IDs a single content activation.
            Facebook is all about user data and nobody is writing a single line about the data that comes with an invoice that Facebook normally has no access to.

          • Christian Schildwaechter

            Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

          • I hope they give MOHAB away for free ….

          • BonWOLF

            It gets you to buy it!!!! If your told you can’t have it, then you WANT it! Is that what there doing, who knows? That is however WHY you would. Cheers!

    • Keng Yuan Chang

      “Quest 2 stock has been relatively easy to find from both Oculus and third-party retailers up to this point. However, the headset is starting to see shipping delays that are likely to get worse as we head into Black Friday”

      I think you missed this part

    • MarkBarto

      here in Italy I ordered the Oculus Quest 2 on Amazon on the 15 november. Still have to be shipped. But I already knew that wolud go for the long wait, they say that my shipping will be delivered between 2 and 24 december. Selled and shipped by Amazon.

      • Carmen Burnette

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    • jimmy

      They are journalist they did research you are just a loser in your mom basement

      • Christian Schildwaechter

        No. Road to VR simply quoted the numbers provided by Oculus for availability of the Quest 2 for each country without a disclaimer that these only relate to the Oculus website, while Frédéric Ilbaize checked availability at several retailers, so he actually did more research.

        There is no real contradiction here, both sides make the mistake of extrapolating general availability from their limited data set. It is obviously possible that the Quest 2 is sold out at Oculus and available everywhere else. Basically both approaches are insufficient to determine the general availability.

  • Keng Yuan Chang

    I need 4 Quest 2 and the order limit everywhere is really causing quite a bit of trouble… just hope my orders are not affected…

  • Gato Satanista

    Here in Brazil I paid 3 times the normal price for my quest 2. No official sales here… in top of that, the dollar price is 5 times up too. I buyed three games yesterday and I will buy the Premium pack on this black friday. I am felling kinda dumb for shove so much money on facebook ass. And in the middle of a economic crisis here in Brazil, with our stupided president and hes very dumb supporters… Guilty feelings hahahaha But I couldnt wait any longer

    • sfmike

      We know all about stupid presidents and their dumb supporters here too so don’t aplologize.

    • namekuseijin

      paid $620 total on mine, imported from amazon USA. It’s not paying for facebook, it’s very very cheap, it’s paying brazil’s government an extra Quest 2 just to import ours.

  • sebrk

    Fecesbook. You will feel regret in time you naive people. Remember when you thought your data was nothing.

    • polysix

      Bore off nut job. Quest 2 is hands down THE BEST all round VR solution in 2020 for almost everyone, except the terminally over paranoid like yourself.

      • Charles

        LCD contrast and black levels destroy immersion. Modified Odyssey+ is still best.

        • namekuseijin

          I haved OLED on psvr but frankly, the darkness and contrast between shadows and light in corners is still scary and fully functional in Doom 3 on Quest 2.

          • Charles

            LCD VR is decent when you have environments with significant light parts contrasting against dark parts. But when an environment is dark overall, you just see a mess of non-uniform grey that feels like looking at a cheap laptop screen.

  • Keng Yuan Chang

    I don’t wanna cause more Family Disputes

  • no problems to find one in quebec / canada . not sold out

    • marcandrdsilets

      Also from Quebec, Canada : Estimated delivery: Wed, Dec 30

  • עמית קיסר


  • digitaldeity

    As of Dec 5., It’s definitely getting more difficult to find both models in the US. Most retailers won’t have them in stock for about 5-10 days, and some not until Dec. 20.

  • Uri Aroch

    There’s available inventory here https://www.smartech.buzz/products/oculus-quest-2, it’s on a nice sale and have 3 days free shipping

  • Daniel Stump

    Guess this will be another sad Christmas without Oculus 2 under the tree. Come On, Oculus. You should have anticipated the demand! I guess it was my fault for waiting this later to order one. Not expected now until the new year! Quite a bummer

  • Ignacio Bilbao

    I ordered my Quest 2 on December 8th, directly from oculus.com. This morning I’ve received it, today is the 12th. So there is a flash service here in the UE.

  • Rogue Transfer

    Direct from *Facebook – as you’ll note, the Oculus product website and box states the device is: ‘from Facebook’. There hasn’t been an Oculus LLC company since 2018 – when it was dissolved after the CEO left, which RoadToVR reported on. The devices are simply sold by Facebook now.

  • Charles

    90% of RoadToVR articles in the email digest in the past couple months are about the Quest 2, which I have zero interest in.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Well, that says enough about how much news is available on other headsets.. Let’s just hope the CES and Q1 of 2021 will bring some changes to that, but I have a big feeling it won’t, sadly.

  • Charles

    “Quest 8K”

  • NooYawker

    I just took a look at the front page and article after article about Quest, maybe 2 was relevant to someone who doesn’t own a quest. You should rename this to RoadtoFacebook.

    There’s nothing for me here anymore.

  • Just got mine (mainland USA) about a week ago… sadly mine had a dead pixel defect, so I’m waiting to hear back from Oculus about getting a replacement.