Valve Proclaims “VR IS HERE” to Millions of Steam Users, New Vive Promo Focuses on Group-Play


Valve is pushing the HTC Vive in full force today—no surprise considering it’s the official launch day of the SteamVR-compatible headset. Adding to proclamation that “VR is here,” which is smack dab on Steam’s front page that nearly tens of millions of users will see, comes a new promo that’s putting special focus on group VR play.

Combating the preconceived notions that VR is inherently an isolating experience, Valve today released a video using the green screen method pioneered by Fantastic Contraption devs at Northway Games, who used the setup to better communicate the IRL social applications of their new building game.

Taken to a new height, Valve invited a number of people to try out the headset, not only playing Fantastic Contraption, but a number of demos including a scene made using photogrammetry (complete with robot doggie) in the Postcard demo of Valve’s The Lab.

Vive-consumer-unboxing (68)
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The following games and demos make an appearance in the video: The Lab, theBlu, Job Simulator, Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, Fantastic Contraption, Irrational Exuberance, Audioshield, Final Approach, Space Pirate Trainer, Everest VR, Arizona Sunshine, Elite Dangerous, Budget Cuts, Hover Junkers, Tilt Brush, and The Gallery – Episode 1.

You can check out some longer play videos of The Lab in our first look at a number of demos.

vr is here steam

On Steam’s front page, Valve made a huge VR splash today, unlike any sort of VR promotion we’ve seen from the company before. VR has taken over the Steam front page, with the Featured box filled with nothing but VR games. Tens of millions of Steam users see this page every time they launch steam.

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  • Dotcommer

    *SIGH*…. Pre-ordered both headsets within minutes of their pre-order launches. Still have 0 headsets. Not even confirmation emails that they’re on their way! :(

    • Jack Liddon

      Ordered the Vive and all I’ve heard back was “We’re processing your order!” That was on March 26th and nothing since. Don’t even get me started on the PC I ordered. I think I may have thrown good money into the abyss that is non-Amazon purchases.

  • ReddChief78

    Thank goodness for PSVR to save VR gaming, can’t wait.

    • Full_Name

      Okay, then.

    • Nathan Irwin

      Saving the planet by recycling those Wiimote wannabies and palming them off as a decent VR control method.

  • caruso81

    Obviously, the problem is that my rig, which 2 days ago was pretty powerful, is left curled up in the digital fetal position over in the corner. The buy-in for desktop VR is awfully steep as we cobble together systems that can run it. But give the GPU and CPU companies six months, and we’ll see new cards and processors optimized for VR at more reasonable prices. (Or possibly video drivers that can make SLI/Crossfire make nice with VR) Until then I’ll just play with my Gear VR.

    • Smokey_the_Bear

      CPU isn’t an issue with VR, current CPU’s are more then good enough. It’s the GPU that gets all the heavy lifting. Nvidia’s next-gen chips Pascal, should release around June, called the GTX 1080 & GTX 1070.

  • kosmo1982

    all these games look silly and i dont feel the need to spend 600$ or 900$ to play such games. It worries me because it seems that present VR isnt ready for normal games, just silly experiences.

    • Have you actually played any of those games?

      • Full_Name

        ..of course not. That kind of silly comment only comes from people who didn’t try it yet.

      • Albert Walzer

        i have tried a few of them. most of them ride on the immersion factor and offer nothing really captivating on the gameplay side of things.
        And another big part of them is “run around in dimly lit castles and get flashed by jump scares” – but i think that will change in the near future, when developers “write the book” on how to design VR games.

        Until then, it’s DolphinVR/PPSSPPVR/VorpX and its catalogue of supported AAA titles for me….

    • Bob Gettis

      Some are very trivial but most of the games are fun because they are very immersive. They are still in and early phase of developing much bigger games but i definitely encourage anyone who like gaming to try them out. I’m sure much like xbox and PS4 the headsets cost will drop over time as well

  • Scott Krueger

    Anyone Have any Experience using Both on the Same System? I have pre-ordered both the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive and Plan to get the PS VR on order soon. I’m a All of the Above type of guy… So as far as the Rift & Vive I am wondering how well they will play together on the Same System? Can I leave both Plugged in and Choose in the Game which Headset I want to use? Will I have to Plug in one or the Other Exclusively to switch, etc…

    • Eric Nevala

      I have both a Vive Pre and an Oculus DK2. Switching between headsets is very easy: Just swap out the HDMI cable and you’re good to go.

      • Bob Gettis

        you can even buy an hdmi switch Scott/Eric. mono price sells them for around $20-$30. I use one at home that has a remote for my tv/dvd/xbox