When it comes to game development, Valve is probably one of the most notorious of black boxes; there’s still no telling what the studio has in store for its promised three ‘full-length’ VR titles, let alone the one planned to launch later this year. Developer Kerry Davis however will be holding a guest lecture soon at his alma mater, DigiPen, to talk about his 15 years’ experience shipping games at Valve as well as his most recent work on the studio’s upcoming VR title.

According to the listing on Geekwirewhich was first brought to light by Reddit user ‘Parzival_rpo’, the talk will cover Davis’ entry into the field, his own personal experience at Valve over the years, and his more recent work “developing the company’s upcoming flagship virtual reality title.”

Davis has spent his entire 15-year career in the game industry as a programmer at Valve, and is credited on games such as Portal, Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Counter-Strike.

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Although we don’t expect any Earth-shattering revelations to come from the talk—it’s pretty rare to hear anything about any unreleased projects from Valve—we’ll have our eyes and ears open just the same for whatever we can glean.

The free talk will take place on Saturday, September 14th at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. If you’re in the area, you can RSVP here.

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  • MW

    News about potential news, about potential news:) There’s really a lot of going on in VR world:)) LOL

    • Jonathan Winters III

      hahah yeah!

  • Jarilo

    Awesome, I doubt he has the permission to disclose the title and concept of the game though. Probably will only talk about work ethic and development itself. Still, if they plan to release a game this year then that’s soon. 2019 is almost over. 3 months go by these days like a bullet train.

  • DanDei

    Anyone want to bet against me, that there won’t be a Valve game launching this year? When it comes to first party support Valve has let us down for more than three years now.

    • kuhpunkt

      50 bucks that it will launch this year.

    • MeowMix

      If Valve can’t do it then they’ll just subcontract it out to another company; which they have a history of doing.

      – Counter Strike GO was developed by Hidden Path (they also did a bunch of Oculus games)

      – The original Left4Dead game was developed by Turtle Rock Studio (which Valve was so impressed by they actually acquired TRS and they became Valve South for a short while before going back to being independent). TRS has also made Oculus games.

      – I believe the VR demos on STEAM were contracted out to other studios.

      • DanDei

        I still have this lingering suspicion that they secretly hired Stress Level Zero as subcontractor and they are building something Half Life. Their demo for Boneworks has quite a few elements that ring close to Valve’s classic IP and Boneworks is still announced to release to Early Access this year. But I don’t really believe that Valve will show an inhouse production that will have a full release this year.

        • kuhpunkt

          So are you taking the bet or not?

  • Matt

    Valve… please… drop a trailer next week!!!

  • IMHO, he will just give some vague hints, good to rise some hype

  • Let me guess….. its going to be……

    CS VR

    • Lorden

      Soooooo Pavlov?

  • Keglanek

    One had better be Half LIfe 3

  • Ernie

    What was the result of this talk? Did i missed something? “Flagship VR title”?