‘Vertigo 2’ Gameplay Teaser Shows off New ‘Autonica’ Level, Aiming for 2022 Release


During Upload VR’s game showcase today, Zulubo Productions showed off new progress on Vertigo 2, its long-awaited sequel to its PC VR adventure Vertigo (2016).

In the new teaser we get a fresh slice of the infectious weirdness that is the world of Vertigo, this time tossing you head-first into a raging war in an underground civilization.

Game developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown couches the new teaser as a level in the game that you stumble upon along your adventure, called ‘Autonica’.

In Autonica you’re forced to choose between sides: either fight for a traditional theocracy that doles out the power of powerful hypercube according to a strict hierarchy, or a band of revolutionary collectivists who struggle to see its power more evenly distributed among Autonica’s robotic population.

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Tsiakalis-Brown says that although progress is “slow, but very steady,” the game should come out sometime in 2022, provided everything goes well.

In the meantime, SteamVR users can play the demo and also wishlist Vertigo 2 on Steam here.

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  • Graphics look cool!

  • dextrovix

    The first Vertigo was great fun and varied, hopefully the gun upgrade mechanic is still in place for the sequel. That and this sequel is still just one developer, the talent of the guy astounds me!

  • KD’s Burner ✔️

    I got the first Vertigo and it was ok. I was intrigued by the reviews and I wanted to support smaller developers. However, the gameplay and story didn’t necessarily resonate with me. Thought I’ll still purchase this to support the continuation of PCVR titles.

    • I only played the first one a bit, but it was like it was trying to achieve a place in the dictionary for the definition of “Generic”.

  • Dubster

    What he achieved on his own with the first one (best seen as the Remastered version) is outstanding. Better than most of the attempts made by big studios.
    He also didnt overprice what must have been a LOT of work – a really decent length adventure costing around the same price as your average “hit some blocks” type game.
    I for one am right behind this and will be buying.
    Hopefully he is developing a Quest2 version in tandem as I tend to grab my Q2 more often than my PCVR these days, but either way – I’m in.