Digital Domain Holdings Limited and Immersive Media announced yesterday that they are partnering up to create IM360, a joint venture dedicated to creating immersive entertainment not only for tablets, mobile phones and televisions, but more importantly for VR.

Digital Domain, an Academy Award-winning visual effects studio known for their work on films such as Transformers (2007)Tron: Legacy (2010), Iron Man 3 (2013), and more, are partnering up with Immersive Media, a company that produces and distributes VR video.

Immersive Camera
360 camera used by Immersive Media

The joint venture is called IM360, and will focus on creating and delivering cinematic 360 video for VR as well as mobile devices. Digital Domain Holdings Limited, the parent company of Digital Domain, announced the partnership.

Digital Domain, the studio behind the Tupac hologram effect at Coachella 2012, more recently partnered up with Chris Milk to release the breathtakingly cinematic Evolution of Verse experience for Cardboard and Gear VR.

Immersive Media has both Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard apps that allow access to streaming 360 content, and were one of the hands behind a Samsung lead project that enabled an Australian father to witness the birth of his child 4,000 km away with Samsung Gear VR.