Video: ‘Lone Echo’ is a Sci-Fi Adventure from the Makers of ‘The Order: 1886’


Today revealed at Oculus Connect, Lone Echo is a narrative-driven first-person game for Touch from Ready at Dawn, the same studio that brought you The Order: 1886 (2015), a number of mobile God of War games.

You play as an assistant android helping your human crew aboard a space vessel encountering a strange anomaly that is creeping dangerously closer.

We haven’t had a chance to get into the demo yet, but the trailer is oozing with style and some pretty familiar gameplay mechanics to anyone who’s had a chance to play Crytek’s The Climb on Oculus Touch and ADR1FT from Three One Zero.

We’ll be bringing you an in-depth hands-on as soon as we jump into the demo later today.

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  • youareme7

    Another rift exclusive? Seriously guys, this needs to be mentioned every. single. time. I hate having to hunt that stuff down. If this is going to be platform war bullshit there should be and easy glanceable like journo’s talk about console games. Saw it is for Robo Recall, which whatever I understand it was funded by FB so basically an equivalent to a first party game, but these third party ones need to be clear about who they support.

    • I stopped taking seriously your comment the minute you started saying “bullshit”. It’s not a civilized discussion and idiots like you should be moderated the fuck out of the existence on internet.

      You contribute nothing.
      You destroy everything.

      • cefizelj gnom

        Erm, are you for fucking real? He’s literally the only one currently in the comments who contributed *anything* by letting us know this is a Rift exclusive. Just WOW.

        • ShiftyInc

          Any trailer that starts with Oculus Studio is pretty much an exclusive.

      • youareme7

        the irony is palpable

    • “hate having to hunt this stuff down”.

      Well, that’s cause you have nothing more interesting in your life to do.

      • youareme7

        what a totally useless comment

  • will bell

    Love the idea of a grab and pull mechanic for locomotion, at least in concept. Hope it works

  • Raphael

    I don’t have an octopus rift. I’m staying with vive for the foreseeable future. I can’t see very far into the future so things could change.

  • Foreign Devil

    looks great

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Looks great.

  • Mike

    Oh i get why they took walking out now…..yes it’s an oculus drifted product smh. I wonna know why vr exclusives?? I mean ps vr is definitely gonna come on top because it’s cheaper…the vive because it’s f***in ridiculously awesome full room scale…drifted won’t last long I mean its just a waste of time to a 3rd party. It’s clearly not about gamers anymore smh i hate oculus personally and f*** boy, band wagon developers, and I will never support.