This Video Shows Oculus Touch SteamVR Integration in Action


We just reported that SteamVR now official includes support for Oculus’ Touch motion controllers, this new video from Reality Check VR shows them in action inside Steam itself.

Caleb Eubanks of Reality Check VR has posted a video demonstrating the newly integrated Oculus Touch support in Steam is indeed real and working as expected. We just reported that Valve seem to have released a somewhat stealthy update to their SteamVR platform (we don’t spot release notes mentioning this new inclusion) which enabled support for dual Oculus sensors and Oculus Touch motion controllers.

Eubanks demonstrates the Touch controllers working inside the SteamVR environment, interacting with UI elements with the virtual versions of the controllers still currently represented as SteamVR devices, with the exception that both now sport fetching Oculus logos.

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  • Muddy

    “I want people (devs), to make as much content as they can on BOTH systems, C’mon guys, both of these things are awesome, the Vive or the Oculus.”

    Well said Eubanks. Both systems ARE awesome. Let’s develop for both :)

  • The Oldest Bro

    Woo Hoo, WTG bro!!!

  • TechnoHunter


  • Luke

    I wish Oculus could add some holes to the bottom of the controllers touch so we can extend the grip with a simple plastic add-on to simulate a lightsaber grip. I believe also disney wish this. :P

  • Jean Thompson

    This looks sick! I wonder how big of an area it will allow though. I have both rift and vive. I’m designing games for Vive atm, I hope adding touch controls won’t be to hard.hmmmmm

    • Scott C

      Based on what I’ve seen, you’d be best served to consider limiting the space your game will gobble up to accommodate your average player’s available space long before you run into a limitation on the Rift/Touch’s tracking space.

      • Jean Thompson

        The Games I’m working on have no limit or don’t require room scale. I was just wondering.

        • RealityCheckVR

          If you are using the SteamVR SDK than it will automatically work with Oculus Rift and Touch controllers no worries)
          Few minor differences between the two)
          Excited to see what your working on!!! :D

          • Jean Thompson

            Thanks! And my game was greenlit on steam. Its called virtual insanity! Right now it only works on DK2 and Vive with re-vive. But full support is on the way!

    • James Friedman

      Yeah his workspace was pretty minimal :)

  • The Boss Gamer

    how did you get the oculus touch controllers oculus doesnt let anyone have them yet