If the HTC’s Black Friday deal wasn’t attractive enough to convince you into finally grabbing that Vive headset you’ve been eyeing, Amazon US is ‘reviving’ the $600 Black Friday deal today and throwing in a $100 Amazon gift card.

For $600, the bundle contains everything advertised in the Black Friday deal: including an HTC Vive headset, controllers, basestations, Deluxe Audio Strap, a copy of Fallout 4 VR, and now a $100 Amazon gift card as a bonusAlso in the bundle comes the standard copy of Google’s Tilt Brush, and a free trial for Viveport Subscription. Get the deal here.

The bundle is also eligible for fast & free shipping with Amazon Prime.

image courtesy Amazon

Since this is an Amazon ‘Deal of the Day’, don’t expect it to last long, as the company is likely limiting the number of gift cards they’ll throw out.

The gift card has no fees and no expiration date, making it nearly as good as $100 cash. If only Steam gift cards weren’t out of stock, it might make for the biggest game-savings deal we’ve seen for the Vive system.

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  • JesperL

    Nice offer – is there a similar offer for the EU?

    • DIAS

      In Europe we are always the milk cows… :(

  • VRgameDevGirl

    Almost makes me want a second vive!!!

  • Info

    Amazon does not include the games mentioned here

    • Info

      Edit: games are digital code provided upon purchase.

  • nargorn

    They did not deliver for over two weeks now. Too bad