The VOID, an out-of-home VR destination that melds wireless VR with real warehouse-scale environments, has partnered with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB to bring five new Disney and Marvel experiences to their growing number of VR facilities.

According to a Fast Company report, the first experience will be based on the upcoming Disney sequel to Wreck-it Ralph (2012), dubbed Ralph Breaks The Internet. The experience is said to debut sometime in fall 2018, and is ostensibly named ‘Ralph Breaks VR’.

The VOID’s second experience is still somewhat cryptic at this point, as it’s based on what Fast Company reports to be “an undisclosed Marvel movie that will premiere sometime in 2019.”

Marvel’s upcoming glut of films slated for 2019 include Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and a still untitled Avengers film. Disney is also releasing Frozen 2 this November. The VOID currently features Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Ghostbusters Dimensions, and a horror-adventure developed by Ninja Theory dubbed Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

The other three Disney/Marvel experiences are still unannounced at this time.

“Very fundamentally we ask ourselves what are places people have always wanted to step into and be a part of, but were never possible before,” says The VOID’s founder and chief creative officer Curtis Hickman. “Disney and Marvel have a lot of worlds that people want to step into that work well with our technology.”

Inside 'Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire', the Latest VR Attraction from The VOID

The VOID hosts virtual reality experiences built around physical environments, letting you interact with objects projected both in the game and present in the physical world. Using specialized equipment like customized VR headsets, VR backpack PC’s, and commercial tracking technology, The VOID calls the VR experiences they deliver, “hyper-reality,” to signify that it goes above and beyond the sort of room-scale VR experience you can have at home with high-end consumer equipment. To boot, the company’s facilities can accommodate up to four users at a time, making for an ideal group outing.

Since it opened its first Utah-based test facility in 2015, the company has expanded its bespoke VR experiences to eight locations spread across North America and the United Arab Emirates. More openings are coming soon however, which include Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Hollywood, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Santa Monica, bringing the total to 17 locations.

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  • R FC

    The Void’s “Secrets of the Empire” was fantastic when I experienced it in London earlier this year, incredibly immersive, way beyond anything you can setup at home!

    Had read reviews about the tracking system being messy, but it worked flawlessly. Leap Motion hand tracking was also very cool.

    Got to go through again as a solo player and it tracked both blasters I picked up, allowing me to aim each independently at enemies. Look forward to trying their new experiences whenever possible.

  • sfmike

    it’s interesting there are no plans for a location in Northern California, home of Silicon Valley, in their plans. Seems short sighted and pisses me off.

    • Butler Reynolds

      The rent is too dang high.

      • William R. Cousert

        They could build it in or near Stockton. The rent is far cheaper out that way.

  • I also tried the void in london. Glitchy tracking…poor hand tracking…resolution just barely acceptable…i would not recommend it at the moment..
    However, with updated tech in the future, this experience will be brilliant…i just wish they would speed up cos im getting old..

  • Nick Dauchot

    I tried the VOID at Disney Land in LA. I found it to be really immersive and social experience which is something you cannot do so easily with an at-home setup.

    The people I was with all kept shooting eachother with laser guns which we could feel with out haptic vests. The feeling of floating over lava was surreal. There were some really cool puzzle-room-like experiences as well.