Vertebrae, a virtual reality advertising platform that promises to bring ad supported monetization to VR publishers, today announced a $10 million series A fundraising.

Vertebrae’s platform, now out of stealth, is currently in private beta for use by content publishers such as entertainment studios, gaming companies, creative agencies, and brands that want to insert ads into their VR creations. The company didn’t specify who participated in the investment round.


Vertebrae aims to deliver VR ads to both interactive rendered spaces and 360 video, including custom VR mini-games, branded image backgrounds, and content sponsorship.


Vertebrae worked recently with Lionsgate to create a VR ad experience for the September 16th premier of the film Blair Witch (2016), according to Vertebrae the experience was designed to build intrigue and promote awareness that then drives people to theaters to watch the full-length film. The 90 second immersive ad was served as a pre-roll ad to the VR game Sisters, a VR horror title.

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  • James Friedman

    I am totally game if they threw an add in a game, to lessen the price of said game.

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    Ads in VR seriously…..

    Just pay for the game if you like it.
    It is already spoiling the mobile market with all those adds ingame.
    $10-$50 for a game is not much, you should just know how much it cost to make a game.
    It’s ridiculous complaining about a game price if you can enjoy it for many hours but on the other hand drink beers which cost you $2 a glass which will be deposited in the toilet within 2 hours.
    If a devloper needs to rely on ads in their game, they for sure did something wrong making it, as who is not willing to pay for something that is just good to enjoy afterall….

    I bought many games in my life myself, and prices like $40 for a game was normal.

    • Ernest Oppetit

      Damn where do you find $2 beer?

      • DiGiCT Ltd

        Exactly ;) Games should just be paid for if they are good enough.
        I can get $2 beer or even lower or even higher too, the point is that you get less in return than a good game offers you. ;-)