VR Puzzler ‘Light Tracer’ Coming to PSVR Next Month


Oasis Games have announced a September release for whimsical VR puzzle-platformer Light Tracer, in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog. The game involves guiding the Princess up a giant tower from the perspective of a ‘godlike entity’, solving puzzles and defeating bosses using an interesting motion control system.

As shown in the game’s first trailer for PSVR (below), players will hold two PS Move controllers, directing the Princess with a ‘magical Light Staff’ in one hand, while rotating the world and interacting with platforms and switches with the other. Martho Ghariani, head of PlayStation Business Development at Oasis Games, highlights the importance of adjusting the point of view.

“Sometimes solving a puzzle is a matter of seeing things from the right perspective, so you’ll find yourself constantly grabbing and spinning the game tower with the controller in one hand to figure things out.”

Light Tracer features eight chapters, each with a different environment, adding various gameplay mechanics like ice, or inverted gravity, and every chapter ends with a unique boss fight.

“As you help the Princess get higher and higher up the tower, you’ll gradually learn about your relationship (as the entity) with the Princess,” writes Ghariani. “And you’ll have lots of fun puzzles along the way!”

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The game was originally revealed in May at BitSummit in Japan, an annual indie showcase event, announced for both PSVR and SteamVR. Since then, there has been little mention of the PC version, with Oasis Games appearing to promote the game solely as a PSVR title. While the publisher has a presence on PC, most notably with their popular browser game Naruto Online, as well as action strategy PvP game Tiger Knight on Steam, their VR efforts have so far centred around Sony’s hardware, having released Ace Banana, Pixel Gear and Weeping Doll within the PSVR launch window last year, and more recently DYING: Reborn.

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  • Graham

    Ace banana, weeping doll and dying:reborn as the previous release standard isn’t giving me much hope….

  • θεός

    Hope it comes to PC later on.