VR Thriller ‘Area of Darkness: Sentinel’ to Land on Rift, Vive & Windows VR Soon, Trailer Here


Area of Darkness: Sentinel is an upcoming VR psychological thriller adventure that just emerged from the shadows, arriving with a pretty slick trailer that’s promising quite a stack of features.

Rematch Studios, the Karachi, Pakistan-based developers, unveiled Area of Darkness today, saying that it should be launching on Steam soon for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows VR headsets.

Here’s the studio’s description from the game’s Steam page:

Meet intriguing characters, uncover a harrowing mystery, and fight to survive. Follow the story of Dr. Anne Evans on her journey from 1978 New York to the timeless Sentinel Islands, one of the few places in the world yet to be touched by modern civilization – an area of darkness. Set off on a breathtaking adventure to solve an ancient mystery, thousands of years in the making.

With Area of Darkness: Sentinel, Rematch Studios is aiming to deliver what they call “thrilling set pieces built from the ground up for virtual reality,” and fully voice acted, branching narrative told through the game’s characters, environments, and via collectible journal entries.

Image courtesy Rematch Studios

The studio is promising unique puzzles that you can solve “using a variety of techniques such as controller motion, item combining, physics based throwing, and environmental manipulation.”

Image courtesy Rematch Studios

There’s also slated to be some fighting involved as well, as you fend off supernatural creatures with what the studio calls its “intuitive, motion based combat system.”

There’s no exact launch date yet, although the studio took to reddit today, saying the game has been two years in the making, and that it should arrive on PC VR headsets “soon.” The game’s Steam page however lists a tentative arrival date of February 2019.

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  • Adrian Meyer

    Looks good.

  • johnny

    Looks promising, and good to see that WMR logo :)

  • Arashi

    looks nice

  • Les Vega

    Love it when we get suprise titles like this, its like a late christmas present.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Looks great.

  • sfmike

    I dislike having to play a female character. Hold your comments.

    • gamechanger

      In VR on in general?

  • NooYawker

    I don’t like video game trailers that show a lot of cut scenes and few actual game. But I do love VR adventure type games.

  • Cdr Shepard

    Man, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at this. “One Step, Two Step”. This game is going to be famous just for it’s voice acting alone.

    • Hisham Adamjee

      it’s only part of the talk where he’s discussing snakes – the infamous “two step snakes” that were prevalent in the vietnam war. He’s also a nutty, uneducated cajun :P

  • Cdr Shepard

    Finally after 25 years we finally get the sequel to Maabus:

  • Good luck to them!

  • FriendlyCard

    Looks very very promising, will keep eyes on this one

  • Rangerman15

    On one hand I’m intrigued and for a pakistan game it looks pretty good. On the other hand, it could suffer the same fate as most chinese VR games: good ideas/visuals, barebones/wasted execution.