VRLO, a London, UK based virtual reality meetup has it’s inaugural event on 15th July with the likes of Two Big Ears, RewindFX and VRSE.Works scheduled to speak.

RWD_Logo_Black_VirtualPhysicalDigitalThe virtual reality community continues to blossom and as the industries that have grown up around it start to bloom too, the importance of gatherings to showcase talent and share discoveries on the wild VR frontier are becoming ever more important and popular.

VRLO is the newest meetup in town, specifically London town, and – in conjunction with RewindFX– is trying to bring VR advocates, industry leaders and community enthusiasts together to share experiences and to network with their peers.

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The inaugural event is being hosted at Mind Candy‘s offices, the firm behind monster mobile IP Moshi Monsters.

The Mind Candy offices, venue for VRLO

Who’ll be There?

VRSEVRSE works is a specialised and focused production company that supports the world’s leading creative innovators in Virtual Reality spherical filmmaking. Joe Chen will talk about VRSE’s current projects within the virtual reality world and involve the audience in a Q & A.

rewind-solRewind, who’ve become somewhat of a leading light in bespoke VR creativity, will be on hand to discuss their work in 360 cinematic VR. Rewind Founder Solomon Rogers will talk about creating recent projects like Björk’s Stonemilker VR music video installation platform and Red Bull’s Air Race 2015 Simulator upgrade were created. They’ll also be giving an exclusive demo of their new 360 video streaming system VReplay set to launch commercially this summer.

two-big-earsTwo Big Ears will be demonstrating and talking about their leading platform for Binaural Audio production in VR. real-time 3D audio and environmental modelling engine. ‘3D Ception’ allows the player to hear sounds from above, below, behind or any point in space around you over any pair of headphones.

mlfMarshmallow Laser Feast – a member of Chris Milk’s VRSE.works – will explain why 360- degree storytelling matters… and has always mattered to MLF… whilst touching on emerging narrative techniques, production workflows, toolkits, audiences and the importance of being hardware-agnostic.

The event will also welcome Unit 9, developers of the so-called Pretender Project, an idea that promises to allow you to occupy another person’s life via virtual reality. Fresh from their Kickstarter success, the folks from Sphericam will be on hand to demonstrate their brand new, tiny 4k 360 video camera to attendees. Freefly VR will be there to demonstrate their brand new wireless motion controller, Glide. Finally, Happy Finish will bring their highly physical VR Cricket experience to the event.

To find out more about the event and to register your interest, head over to the VRLO event page here.

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