On stage at TED 2016, Vrse founder Chris Milk conducted what the company is calling “the largest simultaneous virtual reality experience in history.” Using a dedicated app and Cardboard VR viewers handed out at the session, 1,200 attendees peer into the virtual world together.

On stage during his TED presentation, Chris Milk visited the theme of virtual and augmented reality being ‘the last medium’.

“VR is going to play an incredibly important role in the history of mediums,” Milk said. “In fact, it’s going to be the last one. I mean that because it’s the first medium that actually makes the jump from our own interpretation of an author’s expression of an experience, to us experiencing it firsthand. In all other mediums, your consciousness interprets the medium. In VR, your consciousness is the medium.”

Photo courtesy Marla Aufmuth / TED
Chris Milk conducts the audience in VR viewing | Photo courtesy Marla Aufmuth / TED

Vrse created the Vrse @TED2016 app for Android and iOS devices specifically for the mass VR experience. Google Cardboard headsets were handed out to attendees of the session and remote viewers equipped with the app and suitable headset were able to tune in at the same time.

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As the countdown timer on the app reached zero, the whole of the audience witnessed a montage of Vrse’s VR film content. For those that missed it, Vrse currently hosts their VR content for free through the Vrse app on Android, iOS, and Gear VR. You can also view in 360 degrees through their site if you don’t have a VR headset.

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  • MasterElwood

    “the largest simultaneous virtual reality experience in history”

    BS! EVERY big livestream in VR like Connect 2 has WAY more viewers! So they don´t count because they are not in one room? *facepalm*

    HEY CHRIS MILK! Cardboard is not real VR – so YOUR record doesn’t count! :-)))

  • HM420

    I think i see VR likely like “Milk”.
    VR will be the next big step in technology which will change all of our lives in the unext future, i guarantee !!
    Especially when you think of combinations of VR and the newest studys of brain science.
    I mean this combination will in my opinion lead to an experience, where you are not only visual in a different world, but also able to feel and taste things of these virtual worlds.

    So that my dream of gettin´a feeling like how it could be to be on a Star Trek Holodeck, comes nearer i guess.

    So or so, i am already very excited about the next steps we´ll see with VR ;)

    • MasterElwood

      Wow. BTTF2. Remember the time when JVC was important? Good times…

    • owlcool

      I like the ideal of a “Sword Art Online” or “Gun Gale Online” MMO.

  • George Vieira IV

    Could the people in VR “see” the other people who were there (in VR)? If not I’m not sure this counts as being in VR together.