The long-awaited ‘Aftershocks’ expansion to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020) is landing today on all supported platforms for free, which is said to bring 4-6 hours of fresh content to the zombie-slaying adventure.

Update (September 23rd, 2021): We haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with Aftershocks yet, however we’ve heard reports from around the VR community that it adds a welcome few hours of gameplay to the whole 10+ hour experience.

In it, you hunt down valuable boxes scattered throughout the same levels as before and build your arsenal to take on zombies in new and interesting ways, like using or avoiding trip mines along the circuitous path to the hidden cache, and dealing with some new rivals. It doesn’t sound like anything mind-exploding, but it seems to offer more than enough reason to hop back in if you already beat it.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is available of PC VR headsets via SteamViveport, and the Oculus PC Store, as well on Oculus Quest and PSVR.

Update (August 3rd, 2021): Skydance announced in a PS blogpost that after the long wait, Aftershock is finally scheduled to arrive on all supported platforms on September 23rd, 2021.

The free update is said to include “new missions, new threats, and a new mystery to uncover,” something the studio says will take between 4-6 hours to play. Skydance also says there’s still more yet to come to the game, so we should be on the lookout in the coming months for more zombie-crushing action.

Original Article (April 21st, 2021): We’re sure to learn more in the days leading up to the launch of ‘Aftershocks’, but for now the studio has tossed out a trailer which shows some fresh action centering around a mysteriously supply cache from the Louisiana National Guard.

In the new slice of story-based DLC, you’ll have to assault enemy gangs, defend yourself from hordes of walkers, and reclaim the supply cache. It sounds like a good excuse to head back into the game if you’ve already beaten the story mode and also exhausted its most recent DLC, ‘The Trial’, a wave-based addition to the game.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinner has been wildly successful across all supported platforms, garnering more than $29 million in revenue.

We liked it so much, we named it Road to VR’s Oculus Quest 2020 Game of the Year for its intense physics-based combat and intriguing story, which has you scrounging around as a new survivor in a post-apocalyptic New Orleans. We gave it a resounding [9/10], which you can read in our full review.

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  • Jack Koffinmi

    Can’t wait for its release on the Quest 2! Facebook most likely invested money for some development in the DLC if the platform is getting early access.

    • Um… it’s out now. It’s been out. Quest and Quest 2. No cross-buy though.

      • Loz

        Where can you get it on the quest 2???!!!!

        • Loz

          Also does it automatically update it or do you have to download it from the oculus store?

          • ZeroStress

            I mean you can buy the game on the Quest store, and it should carry over from your PC/Quest/Quest2, but the update is not out yet. Not sure if that answers your question.

      • e

        it is? how do you get it?

      • ZeroStress

        There is cross-buy between Rift and Quest1/2

  • As a developer, I understand the pain of migrating to a new engine. They can take the time they need

    • I don’t think they mentioned moving to a new engine.

    • pasfish111

      A new engine? …what? Will they do also a visual downgrade like they did on onward? A game that looked first like from 2014 and afterwards from 2003 :/ … it was my favorite VR Game and I never played it again!… I hate Facebook! With this kind of shit they ruin serious VR Gaming for the next years!

      • jbob4mall

        At least they made vr affordable.

      • Michael Phelps

        if you read the stats…
        How big will the download for the new update be?
        The download size for the update will depend on which version of the game you are playing, but our current estimations are as follows…
        PCVR – 31.3GB
        Oculus Quest 1/2 – 6.73GB
        PSVR – 9.67GB

  • Played that game for 20 hours. Never found the human encampment. Maxed out my gear. Quit playing.

    I think what really broke my interest in the game was the NUMEROUS TIMES I would clear out the second story of a house, turn around, look back, and find the room full of zombies again. @#%#$ YOU GAME!

  • josh

    I love this new update I was thinking for a new kind of zombie you don’t have to say yes but I hope so. I was thinking for a zombie named the stalker it will have long limbs not to long but long and it wont react only if you look behind its really scary also its face is messed up so its scary so its are normal but if you are close its hands turn into blades you don’t have to add this but its cool I don’t know if you have this but mirrors so you can see if its behind you its location is long dark hallways its chance of spawning is medium so you don’t have to worry I hope this gets added I love guys keep updating you guys are awesome this is my first idea for you because I’m 11 so bye

  • Ad

    The townsmen update seems worth a blurb. It’s been promised for a year and a half and it’s an update to the existing game so everyone who had the game gets to keep it.