Skydance Interactive announced that its gritty zombie-flavored survival horror game, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020), has now surpassed a whopping $29 million in revenue.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners immediately garnered critical acclaim when it was first launched on PC VR headsets last January. The combat-heavy adventure has since launched on PSVR and Oculus Quest, giving it the best chance at reaching basically anyone with a VR headset.

We liked it so much, we named it Road to VR’s Oculus Quest Game of the Year for its intense physics-based combat and intriguing story, which has you scrounging around as a new survivor in a post-apocalyptic New Orleans. You can choose to side with rival factions, or walk your own path. Either way, you’ll need a pointy stick and a gun to survive the hordes of undead. Find out why we gave it a resounding [9/10] in our full review.

Here’s a quick breakdown: at its $50 price tag for the more expensive ‘Tourist Edition’ on PC and PSVR, that gives it a hard bottom of 580,000 units sold. That’s not taking into account that the standard edition sells for $40 on PC and PSVR, and the ‘Tourist Edition’ for $40 on Quest. That puts it somewhere between 580,000 – 725,000 total units sold across all platforms, which doesn’t account for periodic sales either.

Notably, Skydance says since its launch on Quest in October 2020, the game sold “10× more” on Quest in comparison to the Oculus PC version.

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Since Quest’s launch in 2019, the standalone platform has sold over $150 million in games and apps. And Quest 2 has already surpassed the original 2019 Quest in monthly active users—a strong indicator of how rapid things are moving in VR right now.

Looking back, it was only a few months ago when Facebook announced that 20 games on the Oculus Quest platform had surpassed $1 million in revenue—a heady thought for anyone who’s been following consumer VR since its rebirth in 2016.

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    Not just sales it was in a humble bundle, an incredibly good value humble bundle. And was free for people subscribed to viveport infinity. The Quest sales comment sounds irrelevant. Most PC people got it on steam and it had been out for so long by October 2020.

    Do you have an estimate for the total SteamVR sales last year?

    • Matthew Lake

      Why is it not relevant? Sales on Quest are 10x than that on RIft, so that is a pretty good indication of how much of a boost developers are getting from Quest platform. Makes sense to develop primarily on there instead of just focusing on the PC market for now.

      What makes you think more sales were made on steam than the Rift store?

      • Blaexe

        “not relevant” is not right, but it’s not really an accurate figure.

        First, Rift sales are split across Steam and the Oculus Store.

        Steam has about 3700 reviews while the Rift store has about 700 reviews. Given that Oculus devices make up about 50% of devices on Steam, it’s safe to assume that a sizeable portion of Rift users have purchased the game on Steam. Probably more than on the Rift store.

        And second, Saints & Sinners is crossbuy. So buying on the Quest store does not mean these people only play on standalone Quest.

        • gamechanger

          I would risk saying that thare is not a single VR game available on both Steam and Oculus Rift Store that has more copies sold on Rift.

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        lol. Jesus christ this is reaching.

      • Ad

        Apparently you were serious. You need to stop misrepresenting things. Sales are not 10 times better on Quest, sales during the period mentioned, a year after release, are better on quest. And I know they sold more on steam than on the rift store because of the sales, humble bundles, and because everyone knows your game isn’t locked to facebook’s hardware if it’s on steam.

        Also this is the Quest’s best game and it has sold 700K total across all platforms while Alyx has sold 2 million on just steamVR. So maybe your obsession with quest isn’t totally accurate to reality.

  • blue5peed

    Still blows my mind how we got Boneworks, Walking dead and Half-Life: Alyx on the bounce. Its like that meme with the guy waking up from a coma in hospital thinking “I can’t wait to release my physics based VR FPS in early 2020”. They were all thinking the same thing.

    • Ad

      Boneworks came first, most valve VR employees played a demo of it in secret and then decided to add physics to alyx. Walking Dead definitely saw the Boneworks videos and added it, they uploaded a boneworks video with generic zombies in like 2017.

  • doug

    How much does a developer get when their title in played on viveport infinity by a subscriber?

  • It’s a great game, one of the best of last year of course. Its success is much deserved