Waltz of the Wizard is a spell-casting VR experience that got much deeper with the entrance of the ‘Natural Magic’ expansion on Quest and SteamVR headsets in July, which fundamentally changed the game by bringing a new magic-based combat system and a massive dungeon to fight through. Now Iceland-based studio Aldin Dynamics has pushed out the game’s first big update, called ‘Powers’, which includes a lot more than just a set of new magical powers.

The free update focuses on increasing diversity of the Natural Magic campaign by tossing out seven new powers to control, which come in addition to the game’s initial sonic scream, flexible casting, and telekinesis system.

Here’s a rundown of the game’s seven new powers, making a total of 10:

  • Lightning Bolt — Rubbing your hands together charges particles with electricity for a lightning cast.
  • Tornado — Swirls your hand in circles to form a tornado of particles.
  • Neutron Orb — This powerful attack condenses magic into a devastating neutron orb.
  • Neutron Explosion — If you’ve formed a neutron orb, you can make it explode to push enemies away.
  • Spectral Blade — A quick motion of closed fists spawns a blade. You can have one in each, and it leaves a satisfying streaks and realistic ectoplasm liquid dripping.
  • Spectral Orb —Bowling with magic is now possible. Simply do an underhanded bowling cast and see particles form into a ‘solid’ shape.
  • Spectral Shield — Quick crossing of your arms creates an instant block for incoming projectiles.

Natural Magic also now has two new enemies which are said to pay “active attention to moving things in the environments, react to your hands during melee, avoid dangers like explosives and additionally perform dodging maneuvers instead of driving straight for you all the time.”

New enemies are called ‘Demolisher’, which detonates as close to you as possible, and ‘Larvops Droppers’, a larger flying baddie that rains down explosives.

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You’ll have a few explosive weapons on your side to fight them though:

  • Regular Grenade (pink) — Simple enough, pull the pin and it beeps until it explodes.
  • Proximity Mine (yellow/gray) — Once activated, tentacles slither out of holes and can attach it to any surface. Once attached, it becomes a proximity mine that triggers when you or characters stand too close.
  • Sproingbomb (orb) — Like the timer version, but bounces like a rubber ball. Sprooooiiiinng.
  • Holy Hand Grenade (gold) — Bathe thine enemies in the holiest of forces.

Playing through the campaign, you’ll also notice new cave environments, which feature destructible stalagmites and stalactites. It all sounds like ample opportunity to use the environment to your advantage in a fight.

Image courtesy Aldin Dynamics

The second new area occurs in level three of the campaign. Called the ‘Observer Fortress’, it promises plenty of flying baddies and the new Larvops Dropper enemy type.

The ‘Powers’ update is live on all supported platforms, which includes Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets.

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  • Kason

    You said there was 10 spells. You listed 7. (Not including the bombs)