Oculus Connect, the company’s annual developer conference, is back again for its sixth year. We’re none the wiser as to what the company has planned for its all-important opening keynote; you can watch along with us here, starting September 25th at 10 AM PT (local time here).

Taking place on September 25th & 26th in San Jose, CA, Oculus Connect 6 should serve up some exciting announcements.

The opening keynote is slated take two hours, and considering it’s all about VR, we’re bound to learn a lot of new information not only surrounding the company’s upcoming games, but possibly also our yearly dose of prototype hardware and prescient glances into the company’s future.

You’ll be able to watch it live via the Oculus page, which requires a name and email signup. If you’re wary of giving out your info and being contacted for advertising purposes, you can always catch the keynote when its done on YouTube, although it won’t be livestreamed there.

The keynote will also be available via the Oculus Facebook page and via the embedded video below. Just refresh this page at the scheduled time.

Oculus is hosting some recorded sessions too, although we don’t know whether these will arrive GDC-style, i.e. well after the conference is over, or shortly after they’re recorded.

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If you have a VR headset, you can also watch the opening day keynote live. Here’s a few great ways to do it.

Road to VR will have feet on the ground at this year’s Oculus Connect, so check back for breaking news, hands-ons, and everything AR/VR to come from the event.

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    Well I was thinking about upgrading my old Rift to the S but it looks like I will be purchasing the Quest instead. These are exciting things.

    • Same dude, Quest is so much better than the Rift S now that Link has been announced. I bet it’s going to sell even more like hot cakes.


    VR is really going to take off when two things happen. Products like Quest meet Gaming Streaming services that have it mostly worked out.