We Want to Play these HoloLens Concept Games Right Now

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Stress Level Zero, the developers behind forthcoming HTC Vive / Steam VR title Hover Junkers, have come up with a series of concept titles for the Microsoft Hololens which we’d love to see become a reality.

Remember long journeys in the back of the car with your family, when teasing your siblings has worn off and your mind is going numb with boredom? Stress Level Zero think that the Hololens augmented reality system may well be the answer to future kiddie-based travel tedium as they’ve presented a concept video of titles they’d like to play.

From a reality-embedded Metal Slug to taking on hordes of encroaching military hardware alongside car-top mounted artillery to grabbing gold rings, Sonic the Hedgehog style with the car your sat in, they’re all something we’d love to have had as kids. The exciting things is, these concepts seem absolutely possible with HoloLens’ impressive ability to overlay virtual objects into your physical space.

Let’s hope Microsoft catch wind of the concept video and steer HoloLens towards the entertainment track and use this video as a roadmap.

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  • kalqlate

    If only it did cover your entire field of view. Oh, well… version 2 maybe, certainly by version 4.