WEARVR Weekly Top Ten VR Downloads – September #1


Looking for something fun to play in VR? We’ve got the top 10 downloads from the last week on the WEARVR app marketplace, a cross-platform repository of virtual reality experiences.



10. RGBverseVR

RGBverse is a constant roller platform arcade with beautiful 3d graphics, non-stop action and captivating music that will hook you within minutes and is bound to sharpen your reflexes.

You will encounter things like…
Colored energy platforms and rings
Robotic enemies coming after you
Various weapons shooting at you
Intense non-stop action
4 different game speed settings
Boss fight
9 story mode stages
30 thrilling challenge stages
Non-linear gameplay

So, what are you waiting for? Switch your color and JUMP!

“The challenge is real” – Softpedia review

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK1/DK2 (Windows)



9. Ziran: Passage to Nature

Inspired by Taroko Gorge in Taiwan. Take a relaxing boat ride on calm waters through nature with this short VR tech demo.

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK1/DK2 (Windows)



8. Unreal Villa Demo

This is Leeco Studio’s impressive first project on UE4 using 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop and Speedtree.

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK2 (Windows)



7. Dinotrek VR Experience

DinoTrek is a Virtual Reality immersive experience showing what it might have been like to live during the time of the dinosaurs! It is designed for Google Cardboard, by Geomedia, Inc. and HIVE VR.

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK1/DK2 (Windows/Mac)



6. VR Haunted Ride

Step right up and take a ride through the corridors of a haunted mansion. You can sit back and relax, but that’s easier said than done. It’s the haunted carnival ride you remember from your childhood, with a VR twist.

This is a short preview version, and you can experience the 1st part of the ride right now. More coming soon!

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK2 (Windows)

null of hope space


5. Null of Hope

Follow the story of Null as he embarks on an epic adventure; In a retro VR experience previously only possible with the power of your imagination. A first-person “list and click” RPG with turn-based combat takes you back to one of yesteryear’s favorite genres; packed with all of the colorful pixels and raspy melodies of the time. Null of Hope is a full and vivid RPG experience which offers a wide variety of exciting environments, characters, monsters, items and skills. Watch your environment bend to the whims of the game, making you question where the game ends and the real world begins. Designed from concept for virtual reality, Null of Hope is poised to be the definitive retro VR experience, challenged only by the nostalgic memories of your past.

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK2 (Windows)



4. The Hum:Abductions - VR Proof of Concept

“The Hum:Abductions – VR Proof of Concept” is a VR experience created – by Totwise Studios – to share with you a first insight of their efforts creating The Hum:Abductions – the alien abduction horror game in which they are working. You will take the role of a man who will discover the terrible situation of his family, while beginning a journey to the unknown. This Proof of Concept is not intended to show actual gameplay features from the final game

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK2 (Windows)



3. Flying Aces VR

Flying Aces VR is a flight sim/combat game set during World War 1. Take to the skies and experience the birth and rise of aerial combat during the Great War (1914-1918). Develop and test your piloting, gunning and bombing skills in structured missions, and lead your side to victory from above!

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK2 (Windows)



2. Real Estate Virtual Tour

A beautiful demo from a small VR content company based in Israel. This was made for one of their clients to show the advantages of virtual reality real estate tours as a sales catalyst.

Platforms: Oculus Rift DK2 (Windows)

enterprises ship


1. Enterprises

Did you wake up this morning with an urge to view all eight Starship Enterprise models in glorious virtual reality? We thought so….

This is just a fun little project thrown together by a Star Trek fan. Each of the ships is the correct size relative to one another, but their scale is set to 1:100.

See Also: Preview – ‘Enterprises’ a VR History of Star Trek’s Most Beloved Ship

Platforms: Rift DK2 (Windows)

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