Well, it seems Oculus Rift DK2 fever is upon us. As we reported yesterday, the first batches of Oculus VR‘s 2nd development kit are now shipping to lucky pre-order owners across the world. It seems that DK2’s have been sat waiting in fulfilment centres just waiting for the nod from Oculus engineers who wanted to ensure the latest SDK that supports the DK2 was ready for prime time.

“It’s Happening.gif!” I thought upon seeing this. Entirely involuntarily.

In an unexpected turn of events, it looks like the EU and in particular the UK have begun receiving tracking notifications that orders are in transit and will be delivered imminently. One such recipient is me, who received the shipping note this afternoon informing me – to my intense delight – that my DK2 will be delivered tomorrow! Yes, after what seems like aeons, Road to VR will have the much sought after DK2 ready and primed for testing. Thing is, what to test?

We Need You!

So, as a member of the VR community, we thought it only fair that we ask you, our loyal readership what you’d like us to try on your behalf.

Of course, we expect you’d like to hear what your favourite demos and games look like with that fantastic high contrast, 1080p,  low persistence OLED panel – but the requests don’t have to be limited to just games. If you have a technical query about the device itself, or an experiment you’ve been dying to run with the DK2, let us know and if we have time / deem it of interest to the community we’ll try it and write it up.

How (and why) to Sideload Games on Quest with SideQuest

So, let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below and I’ll get right to work tomorrow uncovering some of the mysteries and answering some of the questions around the most advanced publicly available VR Headset yet released. Alternatively, if you’re a developer and have any tech demos you’d like us to be guinea pigs for, let us know via:

Email: info@roadtovr.com

Twitter: @rtovr

Facebook: Here

Thanks for your input and we look forward to embarking on the next phase of the Oculus Rift story this weekend!

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  • Gerald Terveen

    everything you can get your hands on that works with DK2 of course =)

    start with Technolust!

  • RoTaToR

    start with Radial-G ;)

  • DarkAkuma

    You could try my Kokiri Forest demo compiled with the 0.3.2 SDK if you want (I can send you the link), or you could wait until I get my hands on the 0.4.* SDK and make a proper update with positional tracking supported. =)

  • mscoder610

    I’m curious of the exact behavior of old demos compiled with the v0.2.5 line of the Oculus SDK, when used on the DK2. (In general, does the app just crash? Do you see the game / images, but have no headtracking? Or something else)

    • Frankmaster

      good question!!

  • eidolon

    Elite Dangerous… Also wouldn’t mind project cars (assuming it’s got rift support yet ).

  • Simon

    Being a hardware geek and a reverse engineer I’d love to know:
    1). Whether the IR emitters are just ‘simple’ markers, or whether they emit a ‘coded’ signal.
    2). EDID table from display portion.
    3). USB IDs and report data.
    4). USB dump of the sensor stream.

    Yes, this will allow people to emulate the DK2 which might ‘upset’ some people… but that would allow developers to (start to) code against hardware that they won’t/can’t yet get their hands on.

    For example; this project emulates the DK1 well enough to do basic coding/testing.


  • David

    New Titan’s of Space for DK2 if Drash has something for you guys to try out.

  • PingPong

    I want a live stream of the second you pick it up till the second before you go to sleep please !!!!!!!

    • Ringer

      ^ Livestreaming setting it up and unboxing and such would be really cool

  • Patrick Hogenboom

    Elite Dangerous! Report how you can finally read the text screens :)

  • Don Gateley

    The best app that exists for playing HD movies. I’m curious how close they’ve come to adequate resolution for that. 3D would of course be cool too.

    • Ryan

      I second this, some kind of movie watching software.

  • gedankengod

    If you guys have a newer laptop with Nvidia Optimus it’d be great to see if the new Oculus display driver takes care of all the related issues we were having; specifically using the hdmi output. Thanks, you guys rule!

  • elecman
  • Ryan

    Try placing the camera overhead, and see if full 360 tracking works. I’m hoping it does.

  • Peter73

    Shipped today!!! Nerdgasm!!!

  • Curtrock

    Unboxing video, please…

  • Andrés

    It would be great to know how is the performance with relatively modest GPUs (e.g. Nvidia GTX 560Ti).


  • Altares13

    Tuscany take 2

  • LouisArrigoni

    A new multiplayer build of Spectre will be out in the next couple of weeks! :)

  • Quind

    I have an idea for you to try! It’s a little technical though so bear with me: you take the package when it arrives, you go to the post office, and you send it to me. What say you?

  • Peter

    I’d like to know what the Unreal Engine 4 demos look like in it, specifically the sitting room demo. The realism is pretty cool in that and it would be good to know how much the level of realism is enhanced with the higher res screen.

  • Frankmaster

    I’d like to see Technolust please!!! ;)