‘WipEout: Omega Collection’ to Get PSVR Support and Exclusive Ships in Free Update – Trailer

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PlayStation’s legendary anti-grav arcade racer is set to get PSVR support thanks to a free update to WipEout: Omega Collection coming in early 2018.

WipEout is the long running anti-grav racing franchise from Sony Studio Liverpool. With 10 games since 1995, the legendary franchise is known for its high speed, adrenaline pumping gameplay, and for its curated selection of cult electronica. And now its finally coming to PSVR.

Via a free update to PS4‘s WipEout: Omega Collection (which includes WipEout HD {2008}, WipEout HD Fury {2009} and WipEout 2048 {2012}), PSVR owners will finally be able to step into the cockpit for a level of immersion that only VR can provide. The update is due in “early 2018.”

Sony XDev Senior Producer John McLaughlin notes on the official PlayStation Blog that players can “race in every track, across every game mode, off or online.” The game is also getting “full 3D audio,” presumably so you can hear opponents (and their incoming fire) all around you. PSVR players will also be treated to three exclusive ships with fully modeled interiors.

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  • Luke

    may be the next ESL esport?

  • me

    nice – another future game I will guarantee to buy based on VR support alone!

  • Hivemind9000

    That’s it. Not holding out any longer. Going to get a PSVR setup next week (after selling my PS4 about 3 months ago… damn).

    Wipeout on the original Playstation was one of my all-time favorite game experiences. I just wish they could include the original soundtrack (incl. Wipeout 2097).

  • Richard Watkinson

    Just trying to learn a bit about the Sony Studio Liverpool, have you ever thought of doing a series of articles on the “where are they now” theme? Fascinating that Sony are still motoring on the back of Merseyside creative skills…..”Imagine!”

    • Lucidfeuer

      “Imagine” how fucking stupid parent companies sometimes are. I’ve always found studios closing to be some of the worst, value-damaging, long-term counter-productive decisions (Like Square recently did with Crystal Dynamics.). Although SCE Liverpool, then LIFT VR studio which I believe they closed too, will be fine given the vastly independent higher-value of conception and design they provide. I even suspect they work for Nintendo (ARMS) unless I’m confused with the graphic design agency, which is as important as they are…

      • Square’s people should be utterly and eternally ashamed of that move.

  • Thanks for listening to our requests, Sony!

  • Adam Broadhurst

    There’s a few of these type of futuristic racers on PC VR at the moment but this should be head and shoulders above them.