Tilt Brush, the made-for-VR painting program that lets you create anything and everything with the stroke of a virtual brush, have announced “the world’s first VR painting exhibition” to take place June 12-13th, 2015 in San Francisco.

Skillman & Hackett, the company behind Tilt Brush, are putting on a exhibition to show off a number of VR works of art from a “select group of talented artists” that have used the yet unreleased 3D art program.

volcano by drew skillman
‘Volcano’ by Drew Skillman

The innovative VR toolbox allows you to paint thick, three-dimensional brush strokes, as well as motion-capable effects like smoke, stars, and light to make a work of art that deftly crosses 3D sculpture with traditional painting.

Skillman & Hackett took home the award for ‘Best GUI’ at last year’s Proto Awards, nabbing a GeForce GTX 980 as a prize. A version of the software was later developed for HTC Vive to show off the ease of use associated with the Lighthouse-tracked hand controllers, and debuted at GDC 2015 in March.

Now a part of Google’s growing VR related acquisitions, the exhibition signifies a step forward for the company, who have remained quiet since their acquisition in mid-April. To quell any rumors that Tilt Brush was being killed-off after the deal, Google’s VR Team Lead Clay Bavor told us that “…they wouldn’t quash the Tilt Brush project on the Vive and that it might even see more development support now that the developers are working under Google’s VR team.”

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Buy Tickets to Tilt Brush’s ‘VR Painting Exhibition’

The VR Painting Exhibition will be held at the Grand Theatre, headquarters of the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, in the heart of San Francisco Mission district.

V.I.P. tickets are still available for the 7pm-8pm “Dedicated Experience” for Jun 12, 2015, costing $40.00 for admission. General admission fees for the 8pm showing on Jun 12, 2015 will cost only $15.00.

If you’re interested in seeing a good example of the type of art on show at the exhibition, a Tilt Brush Viewer is available on Google Cardboard, allowing you to get a better sense of how creations are made in real time with the software.

You can check out this event and others like it with our new VR Event schedule, featuring events in and outside of virtual reality.

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