UK-based VR studio XR Games, known for its recently released Zombieland VR game, announced this week that it has raised an additional £1.5 million (~$2 million) investment to expand its studio with 20 new jobs and a focus on original IP.

XR Games has made a business out of building VR games as movie tie-ins. The studio’s most recent projects are Zombieland VR (2021) and Angry Birds Movie 2 VR (2019). With a new £1.5 million (~$2 million) investment announced this week the studio is hoping to kick-start projects built around original IP.

The investment was led by Maven Equity Finance with participation from existing XR Games investor ACT Capital Partners and Praetura Ventures. XR Games says the investment will allow it to expand the studio with 20 new job offerings, fund additional R&D in AR and VR, and kick-start projects built on original IP. The studio says it will also expand its work-for-hire division to continue contracted development work.

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Though XR Games didn’t specify what series it considers the investment round, it has raised two prior investments; $2.6 million in 2018 and £1.5 million in 2019. The most recent investment brings the studio’s total funding to around $6.6 million.

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    No shade to them personally, I’ve heard the game is alright. But it really seems like the venture capital never goes to the devs who actually do the best job. I assume because publishers suck and venture capital sucks more, so between the two of them they just sponge off of the developers and set these devs up to fail and alienate the most successful devs who would rather be on their own.

  • flamaest

    So they just slap their Zombieland Movie IP onto of the TWD VR game and POOF, a new game!

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